Number One Pencil Skirt






I had a pencil skirt I wore for my 21st birthday that I LOVED. I remember I wore it with a black tube top! Ah! How times have changed. The pencil skirt trend comes and goes and I have finally found another one that I love just as much as my old one. It’s great to grow with fashion and found that this look, fits my style, my attitude and it’s reliable for many, many occasions.

I’m thinking I can wear this outfit to the countless of holiday parties that are just around the corner. You can even pair the skirt up with a cropped sweater or a button dress shirt. Do you remember an outfit piece you wore when you were “younger?” Please share!

Gunmetal Pencil Skirt
Cropped Top with Kimono Sleeves
Studded Pumps (old, similar HERE)
Crackle Clutch
Portia Bracelet
Linked necklace (old, similar HERE)

Images: CR Photography

Awesome All Day Everyday with FabKids





Santi received a complimentary FabKids outfit for this review. However, all opinions and statements are my own.

Santi is such a little ham! He’s also fun, bright and super funny. When I pick out clothes for him, I make sure it all matches his personality. This FabKids outfit was absolutely perfect!

You might have seen my last FabKids post featuring Diego’s sporty style. This is how the kid’s line works: You first stake a style quiz for your child. Once you answer a few questions, the website will take you to a personalized FabShop (a handpicked selection!). All that’s left to do is shop and consider the weather! I’m loving this fitted long sleeve because of the color standing out amongst the typical fall colors. It’s colorful and fun…just like my Santi. The jeans are slim fitting yet super soft and comfortable for him.  Middle kids should get new outfits too!

My boys are growing up so fast and as Diego gets older, his “hand-me-downs” are not working for Santi anymore. Diego comes home with holes in his pants and extra dirty shirts. I don’t mind at all! Kids will be kids and in  my opinion, the messier they are, it reassures me that they are learning and playing a lot.  Signing up for the monthly $29.95 VIP Membership with FabKids is smart as it allows you to receive your child’s first outfit for $15 plus FREE shipping, save up to 50% OFF retail prices, receive exclusive VIP pricing, skip any month and earn FabKids reward points. Just visit FabKids by the 5th of every month and shop or skip! The selection for boys AND girls is super cute and designed with every type of kid in mind.

Have you tried FabKids? Please let me know if you do!

Images: CR Photography

Enough Time to Read and Eat this Weekend


Happy Monday! Are you off from work today? I hope so! Because the majority of our family is off today, I, um, sat for 8 hours straight on our rainy Saturday to read THIS! I only stopped to check in on the kids and feed them! Horrible, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. The book was that good. The rest of the pile you see in this image taken by the lovely woman behind CR Photography, are other books I’m working on. I was so excited to get Oprah’s new book.

I also ate a lot this weekend. On my last post I told you that we were going to celebrate one of my BFFs’ 40th birthday and oh we did. We went to this awesome place in Jersey City. 15 Fox Place is a normal looking house turned into a private restaurant on a residential block, a place that would look like your grandma’s house. And guess what? Grandma is really the person who does all the cooking! Plate after plate of delicious Italian food keeps rolling out of the kitchen! The whole house is used as a restaurant but you and your party are assigned a room beautifully decorated as a private dining room. Grandma and grandpa have a small staff and when I peaked in the kitchen…a little Italian woman was actually hand washing the china! It was really a fantastic experience. Hubby and I can’t wait to take out-of-town guests to this amazing place. Thank you L & S!

I hope you had enough time to read and eat yummy food this weekend! I’ll help you with the weekend links. Enjoy!

Discovered THIS new book for kids.

THIS pumpkin smoothie!

6 signs you are burnt out!

Hilarious. We’re well into the second month of school…and I never accomplish #8 on this list.

Carlos Slim proposes a 3 day work week. See what New Yorkers thought HERE. Thanks, Ana!

When the boys eat fruit with their cold cereal in the mornings: success! Take a look at what kids around the world are having.

6 Decisions You’ll Never Regret Making

Wondering what you think about THIS parenting strategy. Thanks, Caro!

Does your family go “ghosting” or “booing?”

THIS bag!

Have a great week!

Trendy at Any Age






Hi! Are you ready for the weekend? I am! A great friend of mine is celebrating her 40th tomorrow night and when I bought these leggings, I decided…I’m wearing this! This look is classic, comfortable, and just the right amount of trendy.

Since last year, I loved the leather (and faux-leather) look I saw so many younger girls stylishly putting together, but I couldn’t bring myself to wear pants in ALL leather. BUT I do appreciate when I see other mothers do it! When I saw these leggings, I thought, “perfect…for me!”  I also came to realize that 1) moms can be trendy too and 2) if done right, one can rock the trends no matter what age.

For me, it’s really about subtlety. I wanted these leggings because it had just the right dose of faux-leather, a trend that you are seeing everywhere.  I want to make a sexy statement without going overboard.  Paired with a detailed silk top like this makes the whole look elegant. Just remember to pick one that is long enough back!  I found a necklace in the Juniors department (can you say, trendy at a lower price?), a chic clutch I know I’ll use a lot this season, and I always stick with a classic heel.

My piece of advise: If unsure of how to rock a look, always stick to one trendy piece. Try to balance the rest of your outfit with neutral, classic, and chic pieces. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Side Stripe Black Legging
Ann Taylor blouse (sold out but similar HERE)
Pumps (similar HERE)


Link Bracelet

Images: CR Photography

Garments for Good





It’s such a great feeling to shop and do good at the same time! When I saw this tee at J.Crew, I loved the idea and of course, as a former teacher, I know that every little bit counts.

This tee supports, a nonprofit that makes it easy to support public education teachers. It’s very simple, really. Teachers post what they need (books for their class, art supplies, etc.) and people like us can help out. I found a middle school teacher who needs 90 copies of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. I know what that’s like. I once bought 30 copies of Romeo and Juliet from my own pocket for a classroom library…and that wasn’t enough. All 90 of my students had to share those 30 copies.

It’s great that through this platform, I can share what I find with lots of people. 100% of proceeds of this tee I’m wearing goes directly to J.Crew also has this one, that helps Teach for America.

I love supporting companies that are doing good things for many communities. And I especially love teachers! Don’t you? tee
Boyfriend Jeans
Booties (last season, but loving THESE)

Images: CR Photography

Weekend on the Go


Hi! Did you have a good weekend? I have to confess…I really don’t know how to do absolutely nothing. On Saturday morning, it was raining and we didn’t have to be anywhere but after only a couple of hours of flipping through magazines and reading on the couch, we spontaneously decided to go into New York City. We went to try tortas at a Mexican place that sadly didn’t pass our test. We are always on the search for great Mexican food and feel so disappointed when we try a new place and it isn’t very good. Sigh.

So on Sunday, I just decided to cook myself. Jajaja! I usually get the weekend off from preparing tons of food for four hungry guys but I have been missing the variety of Mexican food Hubby and I grew up devouring…I just don’t know if we’ll find it around here. I might have to open up a place myself ;-) Or wait for my mami to visit in November!

The rest of the weekend was probably much like yours…go, go, go! Organizing the house, laundry and prepping for the week takes up all of Sunday! As always, I have rounded up the best I found on line and in my magazines. Enjoy!!

10 Tips for Raising Problem Solvers

Holiday traditions starting now!

Halloween Banana Treats

Funny. Very funny.

6 Ideas to Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Parenting Day

The Intellectual Woman’s Heartthrob

Loving this ankle boot!

Because every lady looks great in a poncho.

You might have seen this a dozen times, but did you click on it? #1, 17, 34… and I’d like to add: Mexican food!

The perfect party platter.

Have a great week!

Autumn Hues


DSC_0855 (1)




Who doesn’t love the beautiful colors of fall? My drive down the same roads everyday is much more interesting right now. The boys love to point out what tree looks a little more golden or a little more red than the day before. I’m a little conflicted though! This green background is stunning. I love summer but totally looking forward to more crispy leaves.

I always talk about wearing a little more color but I tend to gravitate towards neutrals. When I saw this super soft sweater, I thought the shade of red was perfect for fall. What I was really trying to do on my recent shopping trip, was to completely steal one of my little sister’s looks, but I couldn’t pull it off! jajaja! She looks so put together in plaid! Nevertheless, her combination of colors inspired me to put together this outfit.

The drape-y neck on this sweater calls for no layering of scarves or jewelry. So easy and simple. The sweater also comes in a variety of colors, so play around with options. The length is perfect to pair up with skinny jeans or leggings. I’m loving these booties too!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend! Make sure to carve out a little “me time,” mami!

Lips in Ruby Opera

images: CR Photography

Folr: Watch Over Your Loved Ones

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with FOLR and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and statements are my own.
Every single morning, I check in with Hubby to make sure he arrived safely to his desk in New York City. Because he lived through the events of September 11th, he knows how important it is to have a plan in case of an emergency. As a young couple, we did face a difficult situation only two years after that horrible day. During the Northeast blackout of 2003, the whole city was evacuating minutes after a major power loss occurred. Because of uncertainty, everyone hit the streets and started to make their way home. I was in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Hubby was working in Midtown and like everyone else, I couldn’t get a hold of him; there was no service to our mobiles. I prayed that he would be waiting for me outside his office building because he didn’t know where I was (in a bookstore, of course!). As I fought against a crowd walking towards my direction, with fear of the unknown and a knot in my throat, I made my way downtown.

I found Hubby, who was my fiancée then, waiting patiently outside his office. He flashed his famous smile and said to me, “I knew you would come looking for me.” I will never forget those words or that day as we ended hitchhiking twice because there was no way to get to Queens. We walked over the Queensboro Bridge with a crowd of people and could feel the tension in the air. The majority of New Yorkers had 9/11 on their mind and sadly, some were in a panic.  Only a week after becoming engaged, I held Hubby’s hand tight and prayed to never have to feel lost from him again.

Luckily, today’s technology has come SO far from what it was 11 years ago. I will always worry about Hubby in New York City but thanks to an awesome app I just discovered, he doesn’t even have to answer his office phone for me to know he arrived safely. Folr helps everyone watch over loved ones. Folr is a location-tracking application that gives real time information of the whereabouts of your family and close friends.

Everyone with a smartphone or a tablet can download the app and use it with children, parents or grandparents who have these devices as well. Technology can truly help you stay close to loved ones, as well as counting on it in case of an emergency. It’s even a great idea to talk to babysitters about  installing  it. It only works if both parties agree to accept each other and since all are in agreement, no one should ever feel like they are invading anyone’s privacy.

Let me know if you try Folr  As soon as my parents buy smart phones (I know, I know!) this will be the first app I download for them!




Weekend: Summer Came Back


Hi everyone! It’s been two weeks since I prepared a weekend link post! Talk about craziness! I love to read everything and anything but I didn’t have much time earlier this month and I didn’t want to just look up stuff to share with you. This week, I bookmarked things people passed around social media and I’m so glad I spent a little time reading. It’s always a learning opportunity or a chance to become inspired by multiple writers and their unique ideas.

I also wanted to write a personal note to thank everyone who commented on my friendship post a little bit ago. I had so many messages, comments and friends asking me if I was okay. I’m so happy to have this little blog to desahogar (I couldn’t think of the English word!!) when I need to. I always feel better after I write things down and put it out into the universe. I know that I have work to do and although I hate to think that any of you are unhappy at times too, it helps me understand that yes, motherhood can get lonely at times. I see that many miss home and miss dear old friends. And that yes, many are so happy with the changes they have made in life.

So, what were you up to this weekend? Can you believe it was about 85 degrees here in Jersey? All. Weekend. Long! We made plans to go apple and pumpkin picking and it felt SO wrong to be out there in the heat! jajaja! It was still fun, of course but we promised the boys that we we will go again. Yesterday, I even got to pull this out of my closet! But, I want it to be cold this season because or Halloween costumes are super warm….oh man!

I hope you get a chance to read today’s links! Lots of inspiration (I promise!) and a variety of helpful tips! Enjoy!

If you only read one thing on this list, please READ this by Anthony Bourdain. Gracias, Jacqui.

And THEN this: I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant. They gave me a full scholarship.

Are you doing a family photo shoot soon? Read THIS to help you decide what to wear.

Speaking of clothes…LOVE this top!

Latest Budweiser Puppy commercial…is so sweet (and smart!). Thanks Lily and Coco!

Five Surprising Reasons to Finally Give up Soda

Hilarious Photos of Kids Losing It Over Nothing

Pan dulce French Toast!!

Diego might be up to something. Thank you, Sara!

An Open Letter to My Now Ex-Wife. Tears!

Reading THIS now. Yes, this!

More tears with this Sear’s video.

Have a great week!

Comfort Dress Up






You guys, I’m living in these pants!! They are so comfortable!! Remember this ultimate comfy outfit? I promised you a dressier version and here it is. AND then I wore them a third time with this jacket with a tshirt. Talk about versatile.

For a day like today (it’s going to be 80 degrees!), this top is perfect to keep you sweet and cool. The joggers are also light and breezy, but because we have the drastic temperature changes, I always keep a jacket handy. I threw off the sunnies and ditched the clutch for you to see that these trousers are very office friendly.

Have a great weekend!

Turner Pant
Kenneth Cole pumps (sold out but THESE are a great option!)
Clutch (old but THIS one is to die for!)
Sunnies (similar HERE)
Blazer (old from WHBM)

Images: CR Photography