Valentine’s Day: 3 Perfect Books for Busy Moms


No matter how old my boys get, I continue to read books and look for guidance. Who remembers What to Expect When Expecting? I read those books over and over for years! Today, with an 8 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old, I’m looking for a different type of advice. I need books like Lose That Mommy Guilt and If I Could Just Cook In My Car to remind me that I’m not alone, that I’m not crazy for wishing my guilt away or for asking for just one smooth weeknight dinner with 3 boys. I’m tired of beating myself up and tip toeing around three different personalities (The 5 Love Languages of Children…so helpful). Guys, I’m so tired of all the feels…but I don’t have to be. I want to be kind to myself. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m sitting here thinking about the cards I need to buy for the boys to pass around, I’m also thinking; I need to sometimes take care of myself first.


When a spa day isn’t feasible, and although wine always is, I still turn to books. There’s nothing better than a great red and a fantastic read! I’m loving these three right now. These are 3 reminders that the world won’t end when I say, “Forget it.” and “Sure, we can have PB&J in the car for dinner today.” Have you read them?

Lose That Mommy Guilt: Tales and Tips from an Imperfect Mom Clinical Therapist, Cara Maksimow thought she was doing everything wrong. It made me think, “She’s a therapist and she isn’t perfect!” Where did we ever get the idea that everything would run smoothly if kids are involved? And because things just don’t, why do we continue to be so hard on ourselves? Whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom, a new mom of one, or a veteran mom of many, you will relate to Maksimow’s brutally honest stories and you will sit up straight and take notes from her professional tips.

If I Could Just Cook In My Car: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Healthy Family Meals With Less Time, Stress and Money I used to think newborns were tough. They are! But as kids grow, there’s a new type of “tough.” And as kids get older, moms get busier. Things start to fall apart for me if I am too busy. I’m working part-time from home now, continue to volunteer at their schools and schlep my boys from soccer practice to piano to swim. “When are going to eat?” is a big question but “WHAT” is even bigger. It’s really simple: ADD, AWARE, ADJUST and ENJOY. Lisa Sanderson offers fantastic tips (I’m dying for a Crock-Pot), smart planning and even healthy recipes at the end of her book.

The 5 Love Languages of Children I have three boys and I used to think my parenting style would work for all three. Um. No. You don’t parent each one the same and you certainly don’t speak to each one the same. This book is an eye-opener.  How did I not know? I love that this book helped me figure out each boy’s love language and that their love language can help me make them understand what we all need for our family. It’s sweet book full of ideas to help you connect with each one of your children.

If you haven’t read these books, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and let me know if you do!

Rosca de Reyes


Happy New Year! The Christmas season is about to end and I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday! Today is Día de Los Reyes! If you celebrate Three Kings’ Day, then you know exactly what I mean. In our Mexican household, Epiphany (Día de Los Reyes!) marked the 12th day of Christmas and the official end to the festive season. The day starts off with children in Latin America, Spain and now all over the U.S receiving gifts in the shoes they left out for the Three Kings the night before. It’s a happy day that ends with people sharing a rosca de reyes (wreath of kings) with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

I drove 25 minutes to a nearby town in New Jersey to pick up this rosca. I documented it all on Snapchat. Did you catch it? (Pssst! @MyFriendBetty). I’ll tell you anyway! I found a Colombian bakery by the name of Rico Pan Bakery in Morristown (their coffee…omaiga) and when I have a craving for pan dulce or empanadas…ya se! It was the perfect little bakery and my rosca was waiting!

The dry candy on top of this pan dulce represents the crown’s jewels and there is a small Baby Jesus doll inside the bread to represent the hiding from King Herod. Tonight we will be sharing la rosca with friends and I hope the boys like their small gifts and “gold nuggets” the Kings left for them. I did a quick photo shoot yesterday to share with you today.

So our Christmas tree and decorations can officially come down now. It is truly important for me to have the boys understand the true meaning of Christmas. My mom always waited until after January 6th to put everything away and to do it sooner just wouldn’t be the same. I love mixing old traditions with the new.

Do you celebrate Día de Los Reyes? Check out my Instagram today for an image of the shoes and small gift! Feliz día!



This Weather + Crystal Kodada!



I don’t know about you but as much as I am loving this mild December weather, I can’t help but feel a little guilty about it! It just doesn’t feel right to run around without a heavy coat 9 days before Christmas. Right?

A few days last week, I only needed ovesized, chunky and comfy sweaters. I love this sweater dress I picked up at Bungalow. Anything over it would be too warm! And take a look at that Crystal Kodada handbag. My whole life fits in there! LOVE!

Bungalow is having a Crystal Kodada trunk show this Friday, December 18th from 10am to 6pm. Special treats will be served and 15% discounts on handbags applied! And don’t forget to use the “BettyandBungalow” code for a 25% discount for all your other purchases (online or in store!) now until December 24th. Enjoy!

Crystal Kodada Limitless Tote

Shine Bright this Holiday Season




I have another holiday look for you! Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and a most feminine moto jacket? I tend to always go for winter white hues during the holidays and Bungalow Boutique never disappoints with their endless options for cute festive wear. I was just in the shop looking for something to wear to two  holiday parties that are coming up and came out with the perfect outfits.

For one look, I was in the mood for something festive but casual chic so I decided to go with this subtle gold sequin top and leggings with a little edge. I adore little details.  The zippers on the Ella Moss ponte leggings make the outfit complete. I can see myself wearing these all of 2016. To cover up, the off white moto jacket is perfect. Talk about edgy but feminine. I love its cozy feel! We completed the look with the most delicate black and gold necklace and a fun clutch for nights out.

Now it’s your turn! Stop at Bungalow for all your holiday needs. When you go in, please tell Erika or Eve that Betty sent you and receive a 25% off discount on your purchase from now until December 24th. Friends outside of NJ, take advantage of the sale by using “bettyandbungalow” at checkout to receive your 25% discount + Bungalow is having Free Ground Shipping on orders over $150. Happy shopping!

P.S. Local friends, did you know Bungalow moved!? But not far at all! They are literally around the corner from the old boutique. Visit the gorgeous (and bigger!) new space at 353 Millburn Avenue. Be ready to shop for the kiddies, for your sister and your home! 

Greylin Sequin Tank
Ella Moss Zip Ponte Legging
Greylin Boucle Moto Jacket
Crystal Kodada Runway Wristlet
Deux Amies Tiny Black CZ Triangle Necklace

Holiday Ready






The weather we are currently experiencing in NJ does not make us feel like the holidays are around the corner! But they are! We have already attended our first holiday party with a few more lined up in the next couple of weeks.

I tend to stay away from the color of the season but I didn’t when I saw this fiery W by Worth dress. I knew I had to have it. Not only is it elegant and festive, but incredibly comfortable. Can we talk about the details? The V-neck back, subtle polka dots, thin belt…and pockets! I love pockets!!

Whether you are looking for a last minute outfit for the holidays or a special gift, please give W by Worth stylist, Suzanne Botvinis, a call! Happy shopping!

Clip Dot Mesh V-back Dress
Images: CR Photography

Holiday Gifts: MantraBand


I have a feeling you will need holiday gift ideas soon! I have posted these on Instagram before but wanted to provide all the links in case you are interested in purchasing a MantraBand, the inspirational bracelet, for one of your friends.

I have 2! My boss sent me a gift certificate and I could not stop at one. Now I want you all to get these (I wear mine all the time). I picked “Dream Bigger” and “Have Courage and Be Kind” but LOVE all the empowering and positive messages.

Lots of quotes to choose from, their Instagram page is stunning, and they are so affordable. Perfect for Secret Santa gifts and stocking stuffers! Which one is your favorite?

Image: CR Photography

Instant Glam Pieces + W by Worth GIVEAWAY!






Everyone woman needs a few fabulous items in her closet. With the holidays around the corner and the fun social invitations, these W by Worth pieces could be your answer. Nothing feels more luxurious than a faux fur like this one. It’s edgy, fun, comes in two colors and I fell in love! I chose to wear a sleeveless top so the coat and belt could be the main attraction (my #ootd!), but it is warm enough to wear as a coat and pair it up with a top like this. Fabulous when you walk in. Fabulous when you walk out.

The textured black denim pants might be on constant rotation. Just saying! They go with everything. Whenever I look for pants I want to make sure I can dress them up or down. I can totally see these paired with a thick, chunky and oversize sweater this winter.

I have fallen for W by Worth and want you to as well! I have partnered up with W by Worth stylist, Suzanne Botvinis and we both want to spoil you by giving one MFBS reader this gorgeous infinity scarf. It will make any outfit more fab or can make a perfect holiday gift for your best gal pal. All you have to do is “LIKE” Suzanne’s Facebook page and follow the rest of the Rafflecopter prompts to confirm your entry. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Black Pigment Floral Jenni Pant
Black Faux Fur Sleeveless Coat
Black Haircalf Faux Patent Belt
Tory Burch Booties

Images: CR Photography

Worth It





Hi there! I know it’s been a while! I have been so busy working at my part time gig with Latina Bloggers Connect, mothering three busy boys and volunteering at their two schools. I know I don’t have to tell you smart and stylish moms how tricky it is to balance it all. I DO want to share my latest find with you because no matter where you are working from, I know you want to feel and look fantastic in your clothes. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

W by Worth is my latest obsession and this is just the first look I’m going to share with you (I have 2 more)! I mean it when I say that they have something for everyone. They offer a one-of-a-kind personal shopping experience through a network of women like no other. They carefully curate a wardrobe to fit your tastes, your figure and your lifestyle for a relationship that gets better, season after season.

You know I love to support companies that allow women to be their own boss. W by Worth is a unique platform that gives entrepreneurial women the opportunity to succeed in the fashion business with unlimited potential. Empowering at its best! I also love to support companies that strive to improve the lives of all women through philanthropic programs such as Every Woman Has Worth, which gives back to the causes closest to the Stylists’ and consumers’ hearts.

I am happy to introduce you to Suzanne Botvinis a local W by Worth Stylist. Please check out (and like!) her Facebook page. She is ready to show you Fall and Winter options straight out of her home. W by Worth has really reinvented personal shopping for a style experience unlike any other. Their collections are designed in New York City using fine products. Just get a look at my ivory Brushed Coated Tee. It felt super luxurious and can think of lots of ways to wear it over and over again..stay tuned for more!

Brushed Coated Tee
Persimmon Tweed Jacquard Fringed Skirt
Olive Rootbeer Herringbone Border Oblong Scarf


Suzanne Botvinis
W by Worth
New Providence, NJ

Images: CR Photography


My New cabi Arrivals!


FullSizeRender (23)

FullSizeRender (22)

Have you checked out cabi‘s new arrivals? I am super excited to share my picks with you! As always, cabi has thought about the super women who need a wardrobe to take them anywhere and everywhere. I picked out cozy knits and vibrant tops to keep me warm at home, professional for business and glamorous on date night. Which one is your favorite look?

Top image:
Fair Isle Poncho

Lovely Blouse
Capote Trouser

Bottom image:
Diamond Blouse

#QuikWins for My Soccer Player

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Nesquik and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and statements are my own.


It’s no secret that I am a true #soccermom. I LOVE el juego bonito. Always have.

Thanks to my dad, ever since I was a little girl I have been following fútbol with lots of heart . I am so lucky that my husband and boys are even bigger soccer fans. We have season tickets to New York Red Bulls matches and even got to see the Men’s USA team practice right before they headed off to Brazil in 2014. We never miss a match during any World Cup and my boys enjoy watching women’s soccer as equally as they love to see Ronaldo, Messi and Chicharito play.

When I read about FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and Olympic soccer gold medalist, Kelley O’Hara’s post workout routine, I was blown away! O’Hara started drinking chocolate milk in college when one of her assistant coaches said there were studies that proved that low-fat chocolate milk was great for recovery. I knew I had to start providing the same drink for my little soccer player right after an intense match.

Diego is currently on his second year of travel soccer. Who would of thought that U9 soccer players would have such an intense soccer schedule?! He trains for an hour and half twice a week and is off to games and tournaments every weekend. Just a few weeks ago, on the first weekend of the season, he played 4 matches in 24 hours. That’s a LOT of running in a short period of time for an 8 year-old! After thorough research, I started taking Nesquik for his post-game drink to substitute for the sports drinks I wasn’t thrilled he was having.

Nesquik ready­-to­-drink chocolate milk is free of artificial colors and sweeteners which gives parents greater confidence when choosing flavored milk. The ideal 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates ­to ­protein in Nesquik helps muscles recover quickly, which is especially important when there is a short turnaround between practices and games like in Diego’s team’s case. After an intense practice or game, it’s crucial to maximize recovery within 30 minutes. It’s also important to get the most out of your body on game day by eating right, so we are incorporating Nesquik with veggies, fruit and Diego’s favorite…pasta!

I know Diego loves the game of soccer and loves that we treat his athleticism with the respect it deserves. As a mom who is conscious of what he needs to replenish and be ready for the other aspects of his life, I trust Nesquik to help us balance it all out. #QuikWins in my book! Nesquik chocolate milk is available in pre-made 8 oz. serving bottles full of all the same nutritional benefits plus the great taste kids love. Its convenient size makes it portable and a great option when packing lunches and nutritious snacks for after school activities.

Can you guess why Diego chose #14? #SoccerMom trivia 😉


This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Nesquik and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.