Breezy Summer Tops





I have 2 fun summer looks for you in one post! When you have CAbi in your closet, it’s just super easy to put outfits together. Mix and match = Instant chic.

For me, white skinny jeans and nude sandals are a summer staple. Having breezy summer tops in different styles and colors helps me prepare for all occasions. I just switch up my bags, necklace and lipstick and LISTA!  This Off The Map Summer Cover Up Tee inspired me to pair it up with a nude lip gloss and pale pink tote. The subtle pink in the top is just right.

The bright blue in the Sun Peasant Blouse needed a bold statement piece like the neon bright cross body. It’s also light and the almost sheer-like fabric definitely calls for a cami underneath.

I love both tops! Which is your favorite? Stay tuned for a CAbi giveaway coming up soon on MFBS!

Above: Off The Map Summer Cover Up Tee
Below: In The Sun Peasant Blouse

Images: CR Photography





Ugh, Monday.

Ugh, Monday

Honestly, with 3 boys, I don’t know if weekends or weekdays are easier! They have me running around like crazy! Plus, there’s all of my stuff to do too! A good weekend around here is a balanced weekend of fun and sleep. We got to do both (follow on Instagram to see!) and needed lots of time to recover. I fell asleep at 8:30p last night. Hence…the late Monday post!

My middle little guys needed a lot of rest too. Allergy season has been really tough for him. It pains us to see how bad he’s reacting to all the pollen. Are you suffering from allergies? I will take any additional recommendation and tips you might have. He is going to see an allergist in a few weeks and I hope to have a better plan for next spring.

Here are your weekend links! Lots of good stuff…

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Reading now…

This tee!

THESE sandals! As seen on Ivory Lane.

Top Image: Tee shirt: Nordstrom (thanks, Lily!)

Have a great week!


Trust Your Instinct: Mosaic Romper


I am not going to lie! I fell in love with this CAbi romper when I saw it and ordered it right away. But when I received it I thought, “No. I can’t pull it off! I won’t be comfortable! The pattern is too much!!” MFBS friends, when in CAbi hands…NEVER panic! All it takes is a little imagination, a little confidence and lots of trust in yourself and trust in the brand you know you love.

This romper stands out! It’s ultra comfy, the pattern so fun, and it will leave you feeling super sexy. I decided to throw on this blue blazer, which you should all have in your closet by now, and checked in with Chitra (the brilliant woman behind the images!) for approval. We went for it and now she’s ordering it and I can’t wait to wear mine again.

Have fun with fashion. It doesn’t matter if you think something is too young, too trendy, or too “out there”. I get it. As a mom of three boys, I often doubt myself with trendy selections. The key is to make it your own. Since starting this blog, I have taken so many risks, have tried so many new styles and have developed the confidence to pass it along to you. You want to know something? I have never felt better.



images: CR Photography



These pants? Butter. This top? LOVE! When I tried this ETCETERA outfit for the first time, I wanted to live in it! No joke. I felt fantastic.

Etcetera has developed a reputation as a chic, everyday lifestyle brand for busy women by creating elegant pieces that live up to designer standards. Season after season, Etcetera’s collections are sought after by women who love its confident, creative, and bright spirit. I had the opportunity to try on several different outfits and had a hard time selecting just one. Not only did this say “spring” all over but it was easy to finish putting the ensemble together with accessories I already had in my closet.

As a lover of “high-low” fashion, I appreciate a line of clothing that I know I’m investing in for the long run, yet can put together with street-style/fast fashion accessories. Trends come and go but brands such as Etcetera are timeless and worth every penny. Etcetera is available exclusively via appointment-only trunk shows. Etcetera’s collections and their Consultants’ close relationship with their clients, makes for a shopping experience unparalleled in the industry.

Denise Gaffney knew exactly what to select for me when she found out I was interested in Etcetera. Consultants are professionals with fashion expertise and a fantastic personal service. Denise loves and appreciates the opportunities Etcetera has provided for her and would love to extent MFBS readers and opportunity to develop their own business and become their own boss. Perfect!

If you live in the NJ/NYC area and are interested in joining a team that works by-appointment only (your own schedule!), contact Denise so she can help you figure out if Etcetera is right for you. I believe that if you love fashion and have the entrepreneurial spirit, Etcetera can be a great fit. Please email Denise HERE or HERE. Good luck and enjoy!




ETCETERA Mandarin Top
ETCETERA Beachcomber Pants

Images: CR Photography

Fit Moms: Pure Barre


Life is definitely better at the barre. Guys, you know I always want to share what I love. I have talked about yoga, cardio, trainers…and I think I found the perfect combination. If you are looking for a low-impact, group fitness workout that will lift your mood and your behind, Pure Barre is the place.

My close friend D introduced me to Pure Barre in Millburn/Short Hills and I had been completely dedicated for 2 months. I have been missing from PB these past 2 weeks though because…craziness (!!) and miss it BAD. PB is an incredible space, with motivating instructors who make you sweat and give you so much attention during class.  I love how they go around and stop to correct my posture, I love the energy in the room and the music…instant mood changer!

The Pure Barre technique is high intensity but with very low impact, meaning you’ll get a great workout without putting excessive stress on your joints. They focus on very tiny isometric movements for the WHOLE body. I was sore and discovered muscles I never worked out before! Pure Barre is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change your shape. Clients typically see the best results when they take 3-4 classes per week. Classes are challenging but never leave you feeling defeated.

Busy moms, the class schedule is great. Management is always listening and adding classes to fit busy schedules (the app is the best!). I know this is something we can all appreciate.

When I heard that co-owners Melanie Colman and Molly D’Allesio are both busy working moms themselves, it gave me even more motivation to stick with it. A big supporter of local and women-owned businesses, their positive and encouraging attitude makes my visits to Pure Barre extra special. These women put you at ease. Strong, fit mommies are just like us! You can often hear Melanie and Molly share stories with other members about the demands of raising little people, balancing work and family and coming up with creative ideas to give members extra goals and challenges. We’re all busy, yet there we all are, at PB, becoming mentally and physically better for our families.

With over 300 studios nationwide, you have to try PB! Local friends…I’ll see you at the barre!






 Pure Barre Red Bank and Millburn/Short Hills co-owners Molly D’Allesio and Melanie Colman

images: CR Photography

The Best of Jordi





It’s Jordi’s 3rd Birthday! We have been celebrating since Friday morning! I hope that one day my boys will decide to visit their ol’ mami’s blog and find the little messages I have written for them throughout the years.  The whole family wanted to share what they love best about our little guy and I thought it would be a nice idea to save it here for him.

Jordi, when you are old enough to read this, Mami, Daddy, Diego and Santi think that the best things about your 3 year-old self are…

“I love that Jordi wants to brush his teeth by himself. I love that Jordi plays ‘imaginations’ with me.” -Santi, age 4.

“Jordi has the best sweet tooth ever. I love that he eats everything.” -Diego, age 8.

“I love Jordi’s travesuras. I love that he is mischievous.” -Daddy

“Jordi is fearless. Jordi is brave and kind. Jordi will always be our baby.” -Mami

We LOVE you, Jordi!! Thank you for keeping us on our toes! Have a happy birthday, sweet love!!

Thank you Bungalow Boutique for the beautiful outfits!
On Jordi:
Búho August Pant
Búho Ceaser Plane T-Shirt
On Me:
Angry Rabbit Destroyed Cropped Denim
Jack by BB Dakota Perrie Sweater (LOVE!)
Olivaceous Flowy Tank
Brown Horn Necklace

Images: CR Photography

This Mother’s Day there’s #SoMuchMore

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

For Mother’s Day, I’m celebrating my boys. I know I’m supposed to let them and Hubby send me off to the spa and allow myself to be pampered and fed chocolate treats and drink mimosas…I mean, who doesn’t want that? Lately, I realized with higher intensity that the purpose of my life is to provide, love, support, listen, hug, kiss, and be there for my sons. I was born to be a mother. I have always known that, but as my boys get older my feelings are stronger.  We now have an incredible bond that the years have only strengthened. I want to be with them all day.

This year, on Mother’s Day, my baby turns 3! It’s official. I only have little boys in my house. And my oldest, will be playing the organ for a Mother’s Day service at church. Later in the evening, the five of us will be off to Red Bull arena to watch a little footie. It is a perfect plan.

As I look back at the many ways I have celebrated this special weekend with my boys, I see how much they have spoiled me. The best gifts have been little things like the look on their faces when they give me a handmade craft, or their baby scent that lingers after they have slept in my arms. I’ll never forget the hospital stay exactly three years ago when all I did was hold my youngest baby to my chest for ultimate skin-to-skin contact. The power of touch has always worked with my babies and as they grow into young men, it will continue to do so.

So there might not be a Mother’s Day brunch for me, but there will be cake and hugs for Jordi! There might not be flowers for me, but there will be tears in my eyes after watching Diego play and lots of hugs and squeezes when he is done. There might not be any shiny jewelry in a pretty box, but I’ll have Santi holding my hand all Sunday long. I have three incredible gems and that is so much more I could ever ask for on this May 10th. We are all creating these lasting memories that we’ll have for a lifetime. Love. It’s okay if I’m sharing the spotlight. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Mother’s day to all my mami and mommy friends!!! I leave you with this sweet gift! Please share with another mom in you life!




Images: mikifoto by mallika malhotra


This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

For Days in May






Hi there! Um…can I just say, what happened to spring? Ha! I don’t know about you, but here in NJ it’s summer all of a sudden! I have a feeling this is temporary…so when it cools off a bit later this month, I have just the perfect look!

For now, you can carry a plaid shirt like this for cooler mornings and evenings. The sleeveless top will carry you during the warmest time of the day. Plaid shirts, we like having you around!

Whisker Skinny Denim
Draped Sleeveless Top
Plaid Shirt
Rise Above Bag
Ewelina Pas Labradorite Hexagon Necklace
Ewelina Pas Large Cutout Ring
Deux Amis Triple Wrap Bracelet

All available at Bungalow Boutique

Vince Camuto Mule (sold out but THESE are just the same!)

Images: CR Photography

Blessed Weekend


Diego received his First Communion yesterday! He is loved by so many and Hubby and I are so grateful. We had friends and family visit us from Chicago for a few days so we snuck in a quick trip into NYC for a delicious meal, took them to Diego’s baseball game and enjoyed two meals prepared on the grill (finally!). We are also super thankful for our NJ/NY family who made it to his 9am mass after a late “fight night,” after hours stuck in traffic, and even after a red-eye flight! Diego is loved. We have fantastic friends. Thank you, guys. You are truly the best.

My in-laws are still here so I have to keep it short! Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic week and share some super cool links! Enjoy!

Found this beautiful seamed flare dress for Diego’s First Communion.

Paired the dress up with these lovely nude sandals

…and the necklace! Super simple.

Mommy Trade is LIVE! If you are looking to buy, sell and trade baby items, connect with other parents HERE! I’m also loving their Facebook page.

“NY feels like it’s all about ‘making it,’ while L.A feels like it’s all about making things.”

6 New York moms

May 2015 events in the city.


Have a great week!

image: Unsplash

Angela Dominguez for the 2015 L4LL Día Blog Hop

2015_dia_blog_hop_600_banner (1)

Smart mamis, you know how much I love to share and support Latino children’s literature and authors. Once again, I am honored to collaborate with Latinas for Latino Lit for the 2015 L4LL Día Blog Hop! Twelve bloggers are celebrating the literacy-focused event El día de los niños, el día de los libros (also known as Día) by spotlighting 12 U.S. Hispanic authors and illustrators. I LOVE doing this because as much as I know you and I love fashion and beauty…I know that educating our children comes first and I vow to continue to help in any way that I can (here’s last year’s post!).

I was so happy to hear that I was paired up with author/illustrator Angela Dominguez because not too long ago, I discovered and fell in love with Santiago Stays. This year’s theme is “Immersion” and I can’t wait for you to read Angela’s guest blog post below. Angela Dominguez was born in Mexico City, grew up in Texas and now lives in Brooklyn. Her book, Maria Had A Little Llama received the Pura Belpré Illustration Honor from the American Library Association. To see the full schedule of this year’s Día participants, please click HERE. Enjoy!


When I was asked to write an article on immersion for “Dia Blog Hop,” it was easy for me find inspiration. Currently, I’m in the process of writing a longer format story that deals with that very topic. My protagonist Stella, who is very much a fictionalized version of me, writes,

“My home is a little different…. we speak two languages. Spanish and English. Honestly, I am not that great speaking either one of them, but I’m REALLY not great at speaking Spanish. I only speak a poco. That means little in English. It’s weird because I can understand what people says in Spanish, but I just can never put the words together. Every time I try, it’s a big mess. My face turns rojo or red, I sweat, and my throat gets dry. So when my family comes to visit from Mexico, I usually stay extra quiet and just draw for them.”

Like my protagonist, I was born in Mexico and immigrated to United States. As a young child, I struggled with a few speech problems and mild case of dyslexia. At that time, the perceived best way to nip any language problems was to focus on English only. Sadly, Spanish became a language that I wholeheartedly understood, but was reluctant to speak or only sprinkled in conversations.

While I’m making a conscious effort to speak and read more in Spanish now as an adult, I wish I had a time machine where I could transport myself back to my childhood and be an advocate for Spanish.

Speaking multiple languages fluently creates more opportunities, and more importantly, it’s a way to embrace your cultural heritage. That’s why, I’m so happy to be in a time period, where there is a real shift in children’s literature. People are advocating and promoting diversity with the “We Need Diverse Books” campaign and there are bilingual books for children. I’m happy to say, I’ve been privileged to work and create a few myself.  Ultimately, my biggest hope is that this will create a world where the “Stellas” are immersed and no longer feel anxious or self‐conscious of speaking their native language. -Angela Dominguez