Fresh Weekend


I hope you had a great weekend! As always, we spent most of the weekends on the fields! It was baseball, then soccer and then more baseball all weekend long! The four of us love to watch Diego and his teammates play and the intensity in their young 8 year-old faces always amazes me. How little ones are so focused and determined is fantastic and I have enjoyed watching all the boys get better with each match or game.


Hubby and I had an “only us” date night. We love, love hanging out with friends and rarely get out alone and when we do, it’s crazy how much we can still say to each other! jaja! I had him take a close picture so you could see that I got to try on some new makeup CIRCA and CoverFx sent me (thank you!!!) and the first image above shows how I mixed old and new J.CREW pieces from head to toe for our dinner date.


When I tried CoverFX  I shrieked with joy! It’s perfect to mix a few drops with my morning sunscreen and I can dash out the door with instant coverage! You can get it HERE and I know you will LOVE it too!


How awesome is this packaging? The makeup? EVEN BETTER! All of Eva Mendes’ new CIRCA Beauty line makeup can be found HERE (your local Walgreens). I am obsessed with the cream blush!

More links for you to enjoy!

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Moms of 4, are you lying? ;-)

Have a great week!

For Your Little Bean


Guess what!? Bungalow has recently launched “Bean” at their boutique and online shop! You can now shop for yourself (because who doesn’t love Bungalow in Millburn, NJ??) and pick up a sweet gift for a little guy or girl in your life!

Jordi loves playing around with clothes and I had to literally laugh out loud when I put on this baseball tee over his head and he said, “So soft!” HA!

Bungalow is carrying the best of the best in children’s clothing. Labels such as the ever popular egg and Spanish designer Buho are available.  Just look at this sweet top that can also be used as a dress! The ladies at Bungalow always provide the best clothing with subtle but exciting details. Jordi and I loved this adorable egg hoodie with the bright blue stars decorating the inside zip-up lining! And if they get to wear sweat pants, or as we call them “soft pants,” my boys are the happiest kids around. The white striped pockets on the grey and tapered leg make them super cool.

Top off your special gift with a little plush toy that is both unique and fun for play. Jordi would not leave the Hazel Village green bird rattle Erika at Bungalow showed him…he sleeps with it now!

The add-ons are just right for kid’s imagination and the pieces are perfect for the stylish mom (or aunt, BFF, or godmother!) who is looking for unique, designer kids’ clothing. Stop at Bungalow soon or check out what is available online! Don’t forget to tell Eve and Erika that your friend Betty sent ya!

P.s. And pick up something for yourself! Here’s one of my favorite Bungalow #ootd we put together not too long ago!




Images: CR Photography

Throughout the Year with ANDREA

DSC_0012 (3)
This is a compensated collaboration between ANDREA and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and statements are my own.

A woman can never have too many shoes. It’s so true, isn’t it? You need shoes for every possible outfit you can create daily in your closet and for every special occasion. Then there are the shoes you need for crazy cold weather or hot summer days. If you happen to live in an area that truly has the four seasons throughout the year…then you need more shoes than anyone else! ha! I love that my ANDREA wedge boots are helping me transition effortlessly into spring because it’s hot one day and cold and rainy the next! Remember when I paired them with my winter gear? My love for shoes helps me throw on any outfit creatively. I’m now wearing my wedge boots with this “boyfriend dress” and a super soft pink scarf. Spring has arrived!

Hubby says I can justify any purchase. He’s right! But I do love a sale, make smart choices and spend my own money. That’s why I support companies that empower women to run their own business, are flexible and realistic. I love how ANDREA makes it easy for women to make extra income while also helping them feel good about themselves. Plus, I love the history behind ANDREA.

If you love shoes, want to start your own business but need the flexibility, check out ANDREA. ANDREA is a Mexican company with more than 130 branches in Mexico and in the United States. They offer shoes, clothes, and lingerie through catalogs, which can be purchased through an affiliate or by becoming an Estrella affiliate yourself. Consider it! Selling ANDREA is a great, easy way to generate income, socialize and purchase products at a discounted price.

To learn more on how you can become an Estrella, visit ANDREA online! Good luck!

DSC_0005 (2)

DSC_0003 (2)

DSC_0002 (2)

This is compensated collaboration between ANDREA and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Felt Like A Summer Weekend


Hubby makes a rare appearance on the blog today! Isn’t he cute? We had a gorgeous weekend! The weather was super warm on Saturday. As in a sunny 80+ and perfect for our school’s parent association annual fund raising auction and fashion show. Diego’s school is K-12 and it is so fun to get together with parents from both campuses. We love to help out in anyway that we can and we had a blast dressing up and hanging out with some incredible couples we are so fortunate to call friends.

We also had a ton of baseball and soccer this weekend. Hubby already has a tan (I’m so jealous)! How do you feel about a little bronze color on your skin? I love to tan as soon as it is possible during the summer months but I’m getting older and need to really protect my skin. I am looking for a self-tanner that gives a natural look. Do you have any recommendations? Please share!

In the mean time, I’ll share my favorite trending links with you! Enjoy!

I was interviewed (podcast!) by Bilingual Avenue. Please check it out HERE.

I love this about Deepak Chopra. Just read the title and the first paragraph and you’ll see!

Love iced coffee? They say it’s a rip-off!

We’re having guests fly in from Chicago really soon!! We’re going to have to pick one of these NYC’s best rooftop bars to visit!

3 Fears That Keep Your Business From Growth (Thank you LBC team!)

After my 3rd c-section, I was once told, “I’m so sorry you’ll never get to feel what it’s like to give birth.”  I’m NOT kidding. So thankful for posts like THIS.

13 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The East Coast’s Best-Kept Secret (Thank you, Kristen!) LOVE #3 and 7, and 9!!

I’m still dress shopping. THIS one is magical.

Emoji’s for thirtysomethings. We need #16. So funny.

10 tiny habits that will help you age well.

Just got this excellent pop of color! (Ps. It’s on sale!)

This weekend’s dress (bought at Dressed by Lori). Can’t wait to wear it again!

FullSizeRender (13)

Have a great week!

Hubby’s J. Hilburn Experience


A few week ago, Hubby decided to get fitted for a casual custom made J.Hilburn shirt. Summer is coming and he is in need for sharp shirts that can take him from casual-Friday straight into the weekend. Hubby has always preferred to have a tailor provide his suits and shirts for work but we both wanted him to feel confident that there are also other experts who can help with his weekend style.


We had a great experience with Joy Chang, a J. Hilburn personal stylist and friend. If you remember, she wrote 7 Must Haves for Your Guy’s Closet (which I couldn’t agree with more!). I knew that after meeting Joy, Hubby would end up with more than just a shirt! I wanted him to incorporate a few new pieces into his closet and it worked!


Sometimes it takes a few people to help convince a husband or boyfriend to change their look a little bit. Joy showed Hubby everything J. Hilburn has to offer…and ladies, it’s everything! If your guy is in need for jeans, polos, shorts, dress shirts, jackets, vests or ties, J. Hilburn has it all to keep him on trend without going over board.  Joy helped me convince Hubby to get a pair of chinos and a jacket that he could wear for weekend special occasions (no more work suit jacket!).


Hubby’s shirt already arrived (less than 10 days!) and I can’t wait for him to wear it in May since we have lots going on during those weekends. I also can’t wait to see how the pants and jacket turn out. Because Joy already has his measurements, I am picking out a few things for Father’s Day. I have my eye on THIS and THIS!

My girlfriends and I have discussed that our guys have no trouble dressing for work but when it comes to evening and weekend wear, we would love it if the guys paid the same amount of attention to their casual wear. We’re on our way! If you need any help, I recommend someone going to your home and helping your hubby out. There’s nothing like the privacy of your own home to talk to someone about his specific needs, fashion preferences and budget. If you are local in NJ, please email Joy at email: and I bet you’ll love all that J.Hilburn has to offer! Happy shopping!

Protein Packed Spinach Smoothie

DSC_0003 (2)

So I learned from writing this post that photographing food is hard!! Hats off to the super talented food bloggers and recipe developers I admire so much. I just wanted to share this delicious spinach smoothie I started making a few months ago. You know I always credit the source and I feel terrible that I can’t remember where this awesome recipe came from. It was on Facebook so if anyone knows…please let me know! I did tweak it by using peanut butter instead of almond butter and I added my favorite protein powder for extra boost.

Take your blender and fill it with:

1 cup of fresh spinach
1 fresh or frozen banana
2 tablespoons of peanut butter (or almond butter)
2 cups of unsweetened almond milk (or as my mom says hay que tantearle!) If you want it thicker, use less almond milk.
1 serving of Vega Protein Smoothie Powder (I use Oh Natural flavor)
A sprinkle of ground cinnamon

Blend and enjoy!

It is the yummiest green smoothie you can possibly have and it’s packed with protein. I love it after a nice workout or for a lunch on the go. Do you have a variation of this recipe? Please share in the comments below!

DSC_0020 (2)

Bright Weekend


I hope you had a great weekend! We had a lovely Easter and as you can see above, la conejita was very sweet to our boys. There were lots of books, art supplies and candy in their baskets! Diego did get a special video game in his this year (lucky boy!) which was clearly a sign to me that he is growing up so fast. What about Hubby and I? The bunny only brought bubbly! Too much bubbly. But we are not complaining!


People went nuts over these books I shared on Instagram and on Facebook last week! They are Lil’Libros and you can purchase HERE or HERE. We already had Loteria and Jordi and Santi love it! Keep an eye out because they have new titles printing soon!


After mass, we all changed our clothes and headed to see our compadres in Brooklyn for some fun and more treats. BFF always goes above and beyond with her décor and scrumptious food! Just like with all holidays, I’m sure the kids ate more candy than food!


Here are some of my favorite links of the past week! Enjoy!

Have you tried the new Go Fresh Revitalize Dove wash? The product was sent to me a few weeks ago (thank you, Dove!) and Hubby and I are loving it. They were also so sweet to send fresh spring goodies.

Today is the first day of my teacher friends’ Kickstart fund raiser! If you can, please donate and help personalized special needs books for children get off to a great start!

Omaiga. For next year…these eggs!

Why Homework vs. No Homework is the Wrong Question

Hurray for Stanford!

Are you investing in experiences?

20 Career Tips from Female Entrepreneurs

What a pretty romper!

Have a great week!

Dress Season


I think dress season has finally arrived! We have been spending the last two days outside (even in the drizzling rain) because it has finally been warm enough! Can we say, longest winter ever? With an amazing weekend ahead, I had to bring out my dresses.

Even though Good Friday is a somber day, I needed a pop of color to style with this super comfy and chic Audrey style dress by Karina Dresses to celebrate that spring has finally arrived. This is not my first Karina Dress. Do you remember this post? I love them! I can’t wait to pair this black and white pattern with flat sandals for those hot summer days that lie ahead.

Karina dresses are vintage-inspired dresses from limited edition fabrics. All of the dresses are made in the USA,  are machine washable and wrinkle free. They are light, cool and come in a variety of styles and colors. Most importantly, they are designed to fit YOUR body shape. They sell dresses to boutiques across the country, on, and on ModCloth. Thank you, Karina Dresses. This dress will definitely be on constant rotation in the next few months!

DSC_0302 DSC_0293

Karina Dress

Esbe Necklace
Hunting Season Clutch
Rocksbox Ring (use friendbettyxoxo code!)

What’s Betty Been Saying?


Guys! Life’s been busy! I recently discovered another way I can teach and it has me going non-stop. Many of you know that I decided to stop teaching in the classroom when I started having my babies. This blog and my contributions to other sites, have helped me give back a little, earn some income and simply…have fun! I’m always looking for ways to grow and to continue to give back.

So, I started doing presentations and thanks to #WeAllGrow (my first panel!) at the beginning of the year, I am now hooked! Growing Up with Mom Bloggers was a great session for bloggers who are just starting out and for those who wanted a little more insight on how we “balance it all.” We also gave lots of ideas of what can happen after the babies and the blog grow up.



Silvia, Vanessa, Maria Jose, Yolanda and I have been blogging for a while and I have been following their work for years! I had even heard Silvia speak before. It was truly an honor to sit on a panel with these brilliant ladies and just like we discussed while there, A LOT can happen from blogging. As soon as I got back to the East Coast, I had another fantastic opportunity lined up.


Brianne and I were invited to the Johnson & Johnson headquarters for in-house summit. We were guests of a room full of sales executives and marketing geniuses who wanted to know anything and everything about moms and what we want for our families. They wanted our opinion? You know that was easy for me! Brianne and I have 6 children put together and we felt like we were just pouring our hearts out about what works best for one of the hardest jobs in the world. They treated us like celebrities as we made virtual wish lists for the people who make some of the most famous household name products. I believe they really heard what we had to say and I’m looking forward to the continuing growth of Healthy Essentials.

But it doesn’t stop there! Many of you know that I am a member of my local Believe Inspire Grow organization, a group that empowers and inspires entrepreneurial women. I had the opportunity to speak to my networking group about the benefits of blogging for their businesses.  I also gave them tips to help them navigate the crazy world of social media. This experience really brought back memories of my teaching days. I love the preparation it takes to teach and I missed being in front of the classroom. I believe my passion came through as I have now been invited to speak at 4 more locations for different groups.

So Betty has been saying a lot!! And I love it! A big thanks to the women who have helped me a long the way (you know who you are!). Thank you to Elaine of Simply Chic Styling for helping me with my dress selections! I’ve been feeling even more confident than ever. Doing what you love does that, doesn’t it?


Tearful Weekend


Our weekend wasn’t the best. There is nothing worse than seeing one of your babies suffer without being able to help. This weekend, Jordi had to go to the ER for stitches after he fell in the bathtub while simply enjoying a nighttime routine. He opened the skin under his chin after landing hard on the bathtub ledge. It all happened so fast as he simply got up to reach a toy.

We have the non-slip pad on the bottom of the tub so we can’t really explain what happened! You just never know with kids, right? The worst was having to watch the doctor go through the process of stitching Jordi’s chin and not being allowed to pick him up when he screamed for me. The worst. When it was over, I quickly unwrapped him from the blankets that held him tight, lifted him and couldn’t stop my own tears from flowing.

When we got home late at night, we let him have all the chocolate ice cream he desired + chocolate Munchkins. He also slept in our bed that night and it was the best cuddle we’ve had in a long time. I didn’t want to let him go. We have been in the ER with Jordi before and this experience really put things into perspective…again.

I have to forget the pain. Jordi’s pain and ours.  I only want to remember the moments I looked around and watched my little family while we all waited in the room for the doctor to arrive. I want to remember that we shared stories and that I was simply present. I want to remember the gratitude I felt because I know it could have been worse.  I want to remember the feeling of  my heart bursting with love while watching my oldest two plant kisses on Jordi’s cheeks.  It’s over now. It is all going to be okay.

Whew! I hope you had a better weekend! Wishing you all the best this week. Here are your weekend links:

Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

My next book club read is a classic!

Can you please send some love to my friend’s Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books site? Someone Special provides personalized children’s books for kids with special needs. Their unique books help schools, parents, families, and all children. Please visit and “like” this great page!


This spicy shrimp recipe for Good Friday! Mouth. Watering.

Or this Cast Iron Sea Bass from my friends SolGaby!

A lean chile relleno. Yum!

How about Raspberry Butter Cream Brownies for dessert?

I need to ask Hubby to make me THIS margarita!


Obsessed with mules since I saw Erika style them.

Brighten up your spring workouts.

A fun cross body bag!

I have cocktail dresses on my mind! What do you think of this crisscross band trend? Yay or nay?

Have a great week!

Images: Unsplash