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Why Networking Makes Me Happy

June 13, 2016


As many of you know, we don’t have family in New Jersey. My cousin and his family recently moved to New York City and it is so fantastic when we meet up with them. My childhood friend isn’t too far away either and if we are both in town during holidays, our families spend it together.

Nevertheless, it gets lonely. I work from home and am super busy when school let’s out. I hardly get a chance to call my family and friends back home. I rely on social media early in the morning and late at night to see what everyone is up to.

But I have always made the best out of all circumstances. My boys and I are a close family. I love that my bestie local friends and I often make dinner plans and are blessed that our kids are good friends. And if you follow me on social  media, you’ll have seen that I love to get out of my comfort zone and attend various events. Those events end up becoming wonderful networking opportunities and I welcome every chance I get to attend them. I don’t need anyone to join me, I go and chat up the first person I meet and that makes me very happy.

Networking helps me get to know people from all walks of life. I love to hear people’s stories. Last week, Hubby and I attended an event for Latino families. Only a few people knew each other. But because of our similar cultures, everyone was comfortable right away. People were open with their immigration stories, which led to their success stories, that turned into their professional stories and instant connections were made for both of us.

Networking has given me the gift of friendship. When I first moved to New Jersey, I attended an online publisher event that was being held in my town. I met so many women who were local business owners and entrepreneurs who were also my neighbors! We have done everything from collaborating together to creating our own book club.

Networking inspires me. I’m always rooting for people. When I hear an inspiring presentation at BIG or at We All Grow Summit (my two favorite places to network!) it usually moves me to tears. Feel good moments inspire creativity.

Networking has created opportunities for me. Whether I was promoting my blog, working for a brand, managing an event for Latina Bloggers Connect or promoting local businesses, different events have allowed me to showcase or talk about my work, hence, creating even more opportunities.

Networking takes me out of my bubble. Attending networking events has opened my eyes to many different ways of doing something. They are learning experiences that you can’t really get anywhere else. It’s always going to be a new group of people with different background stories, hustling like everyone else but in their own unique way.

How do you feel about networking? Please leave your comments below!

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