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June 24, 2015


Hi there! This is what’s up! My boys have been out of school for almost 2.5 weeks now and let’s just say they are keeping me really busy. Diego is doing half day camps (except this week) and that means the little 2 have to learn to play nice with each other…all day long. I swear I spend much more time breaking up fights and sighing loudly throughout the day than working, writing or doing much of anything else. I did find this handy “25 Ideas to Avoid Summer Learning Loss” I wrote for Mommy Maestra that is so helpful and perfect right now.

What else is going on? Oh! I’m on day 24 of #28DayCleanEating challenge! I have been off caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol for the past 24 days. No secrets: Day 2 was the hardest. I suffered from caffeine withdrawal BAD, but over the years I realized coffee was making me really anxious and I knew I had to stop sometime. Also, I won’t lie but…weekends are hard! We love to eat out and often accompany every meal on the weekend with some form of fun alcoholic beverage (Bloody Mary’s for lunch to Spicy Margaritas for dinner!) and my tummy was so bloated. I would also wake up feeling extremely sluggish and although I have always maintained a regular workout routine, I wasn’t feeling energized. So guess what? Even though I wasn’t super perfect throughout this journey,  I have lost about 6 pounds and a few inches off my waist. My weight isn’t fluctuating after the weekends either. My belly feels and looks flatter and I feel AMAZING.  My journey hasn’t been perfect and I will let you guess where I failed due to my weakness and super social life (I kid! Just check out Instagram for proof of me drinking solo!) but I still did way better than I expected. I was not compensated for taking the challenge or to speak of the program. You guys know how much I love to learn and any way that I can help my family and I stay healthy, and pass it on to you…I’m on it! Let’s think before we eat! For additional info on this specific program, please visit HERE or contact Kanani Briggs by sending her a message HERE. I loved the private Facebook support group and I will take all of the new nutrition knowledge I have acquired in the past 3.5 weeks to continue to stay on a healthy path. The next group challenge starts July 6th!! Sign up!

What else I’m doing and loving right now?

Snapchat! Follow me! I’m @MyFriendBetty

Periscope! Follow me! Yup, @MyFriendBetty

I’m loving this leave-in conditioner. Just wash, apply and go! Really nice for these hot days.

And this SPF 30 that leaves your legs and arms looking and feeling super soft.

Just finished Us and starting One Day.

Do you have your summer swim suit yet? These are my favorite and I just picked up this one.

Sharing this immigration post again. We have to continue to share our parents’ and grandparents’ stories. So, so important during this time.

Happy Wednesday!

Your friend,






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  • Reply Heather July 2, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Hey Betty! Catching up with your blog while my two kids take a nap! My friend Jenny did this diet and said she felt amazing! Do you get recipes that you must follow everyday? I decided to eliminate sugar for this month. I realized how quickly I would get tired after eating something packed with sugar. Baby steps for me. And I have to get Jake to stop craving sugar as well! Sounds like you are doing well and still accomplishing a lot! Happy for you!!! And miss you of course!

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