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What’s Betty Been Saying?

April 3, 2015


Guys! Life’s been busy! I recently discovered another way I can teach and it has me going non-stop. Many of you know that I decided to stop teaching in the classroom when I started having my babies. This blog and my contributions to other sites, have helped me give back a little, earn some income and simply…have fun! I’m always looking for ways to grow and to continue to give back.

So, I started doing presentations and thanks to #WeAllGrow (my first panel!) at the beginning of the year, I am now hooked! Growing Up with Mom Bloggers was a great session for bloggers who are just starting out and for those who wanted a little more insight on how we “balance it all.” We also gave lots of ideas of what can happen after the babies and the blog grow up.



Silvia, Vanessa, Maria Jose, Yolanda and I have been blogging for a while and I have been following their work for years! I had even heard Silvia speak before. It was truly an honor to sit on a panel with these brilliant ladies and just like we discussed while there, A LOT can happen from blogging. As soon as I got back to the East Coast, I had another fantastic opportunity lined up.


Brianne and I were invited to the Johnson & Johnson headquarters for in-house summit. We were guests of a room full of sales executives and marketing geniuses who wanted to know anything and everything about moms and what we want for our families. They wanted our opinion? You know that was easy for me! Brianne and I have 6 children put together and we felt like we were just pouring our hearts out about what works best for one of the hardest jobs in the world. They treated us like celebrities as we made virtual wish lists for the people who make some of the most famous household name products. I believe they really heard what we had to say and I’m looking forward to the continuing growth of Healthy Essentials.

But it doesn’t stop there! Many of you know that I am a member of my local Believe Inspire Grow organization, a group that empowers and inspires entrepreneurial women. I had the opportunity to speak to my networking group about the benefits of blogging for their businesses.  I also gave them tips to help them navigate the crazy world of social media. This experience really brought back memories of my teaching days. I love the preparation it takes to teach and I missed being in front of the classroom. I believe my passion came through as I have now been invited to speak at 4 more locations for different groups.

So Betty has been saying a lot!! And I love it! A big thanks to the women who have helped me a long the way (you know who you are!). Thank you to Elaine of Simply Chic Styling for helping me with my dress selections! I’ve been feeling even more confident than ever. Doing what you love does that, doesn’t it?


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  • Reply Elba Valverde April 3, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    That’s great, Betty!!! I’m sad I couldn’t make it to #WeAllGrow summit. I was so excited about your panel, especially now that I have a newborn at home and have no idea how to balance my time. Some days I just feel that it’s crazy to think that I can do it all. So happy you are having all these opportunities. Mucho exito!
    Elba Valverde recently posted..DIY: Pink Chalkboard Easter EggsMy Profile

    • Betty
      Reply Betty April 3, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Hola Elba! Well, we definitely have to prioritize, right? The famous question is “can we really do it all?” Some days I feel like I am the worst mother, but my work is kicking butt! And other days I feel like the rockstar mom, but my work wasn’t great. Like today, I still had edits to do to this post that I just caught!! Ugh.
      The biggest recommendation I can give you is to always carve out a little time for you. Even if for now it means staying up a little later or waking up early to do what you love outside of your everyday routine. It’s so cliché but really, “if mama is happy…everybody is happy!” I hope you continue your work whenever you can (you have a newborn! No rush!!!) because you truly have a gift. Saludos!!! xoxo

  • Reply Maritza April 3, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Awesome! Continue growing. .. many xox

    • Betty
      Reply Betty April 3, 2015 at 8:42 pm

      Thank you, Maritza! muah! xoxo

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