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What is the best advice your mom has given you?

May 9, 2013


I just spent this past weekend with my family in Chicago. My mom and I spent ALL of Saturday together and it was so nice! I love my mom. She was also my first teacher and she has given me such great advice throughout the years. Some of it I have heard all of my life and some she just decided to share with me. Here is the list worth passing on:

Always moisturize.

It is better to be overdressed than under.

Makeup is a must (even if it is minimal).

Everyone is happier in the morning if the kitchen is cleaned the night before.

First impressions are lasting.

Bettering yourself should always be a priority.

Always leave room for chocolate cake.

Let your kids make mistakes.

Never go to bed angry.

Be cordial to everyone.

Stand up straight and pull your belly button in.

Be grateful.

Mother’s Day is this weekend! We always start celebrating with Dia de las Madres on May 10th!

What is the best advice your mom has given you? Please share!

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