Weekend: Summer Came Back

September 29, 2014


Hi everyone! It’s been two weeks since I prepared a weekend link post! Talk about craziness! I love to read everything and anything but I didn’t have much time earlier this month and I didn’t want to just look up stuff to share with you. This week, I bookmarked things people passed around social media and I’m so glad I spent a little time reading. It’s always a learning opportunity or a chance to become inspired by multiple writers and their unique ideas.

I also wanted to write a personal note to thank everyone who commented on my friendship post a little bit ago. I had so many messages, comments and friends asking me if I was okay. I’m so happy to have this little blog to desahogar (I couldn’t think of the English word!!) when I need to. I always feel better after I write things down and put it out into the universe. I know that I have work to do and although I hate to think that any of you are unhappy at times too, it helps me understand that yes, motherhood can get lonely at times. I see that many miss home and miss dear old friends. And that yes, many are so happy with the changes they have made in life.

So, what were you up to this weekend? Can you believe it was about 85 degrees here in Jersey? All. Weekend. Long! We made plans to go apple and pumpkin picking and it felt SO wrong to be out there in the heat! jajaja! It was still fun, of course but we promised the boys that we we will go again. Yesterday, I even got to pull this out of my closet! But, I want it to be cold this season because or Halloween costumes are super warm….oh man!

I hope you get a chance to read today’s links! Lots of inspiration (I promise!) and a variety of helpful tips! Enjoy!

If you only read one thing on this list, please READ this by Anthony Bourdain. Gracias, Jacqui.

And THEN this: I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant. They gave me a full scholarship.

Are you doing a family photo shoot soon? Read THIS to help you decide what to wear.

Speaking of clothes…LOVE this top!

Latest Budweiser Puppy commercial…is so sweet (and smart!). Thanks Lily and Coco!

Five Surprising Reasons to Finally Give up Soda

Hilarious Photos of Kids Losing It Over Nothing

Pan dulce French Toast!!

Diego might be up to something. Thank you, Sara!

An Open Letter to My Now Ex-Wife. Tears!

Reading THIS now. Yes, this!

More tears with this Sear’s video.

Have a great week!

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