Ugh, Monday.

May 18, 2015

Ugh, Monday

Honestly, with 3 boys, I don’t know if weekends or weekdays are easier! They have me running around like crazy! Plus, there’s all of my stuff to do too! A good weekend around here is a balanced weekend of fun and sleep. We got to do both (follow on Instagram to see!) and needed lots of time to recover. I fell asleep at 8:30p last night. Hence…the late Monday post!

My middle little guys needed a lot of rest too. Allergy season has been really tough for him. It pains us to see how bad he’s reacting to all the pollen. Are you suffering from allergies? I will take any additional recommendation and tips you might have. He is going to see an allergist in a few weeks and I hope to have a better plan for next spring.

Here are your weekend links! Lots of good stuff…

I was over at Mommy Maestra last week with: 5 Ways to Help Kids Deal with Disappointment

In a rut? 5 tips to get out of it!

NJ friends, a creative workshop! Vision and Vino

Have you shared your #Strengthie yet? Here’s mine.

A little inspiration from a female CEO.

Please back CrayonCrunch on KickStarter.

English Proficiency Rises Among Latinos as Speaking Spanish Dips

Reading now…

This tee!

THESE sandals! As seen on Ivory Lane.

Top Image: Tee shirt: Nordstrom (thanks, Lily!)

Have a great week!


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