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Trust Your Instinct: Mosaic Romper

May 16, 2015


I am not going to lie! I fell in love with this CAbi romper when I saw it and ordered it right away. But when I received it I thought, “No. I can’t pull it off! I won’t be comfortable! The pattern is too much!!” MFBS friends, when in CAbi hands…NEVER panic! All it takes is a little imagination, a little confidence and lots of trust in yourself and trust in the brand you know you love.

This romper stands out! It’s ultra comfy, the pattern so fun, and it will leave you feeling super sexy. I decided to throw on this blue blazer, which you should all have in your closet by now, and checked in with Chitra (the brilliant woman behind the images!) for approval. We went for it and now she’s ordering it and I can’t wait to wear mine again.

Have fun with fashion. It doesn’t matter if you think something is too young, too trendy, or too “out there”. I get it. As a mom of three boys, I often doubt myself with trendy selections. The key is to make it your own. Since starting this blog, I have taken so many risks, have tried so many new styles and have developed the confidence to pass it along to you. You want to know something? I have never felt better.



images: CR Photography

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