Tearful Weekend

March 30, 2015


Our weekend wasn’t the best. There is nothing worse than seeing one of your babies suffer without being able to help. This weekend, Jordi had to go to the ER for stitches after he fell in the bathtub while simply enjoying a nighttime routine. He opened the skin under his chin after landing hard on the bathtub ledge. It all happened so fast as he simply got up to reach a toy.

We have the non-slip pad on the bottom of the tub so we can’t really explain what happened! You just never know with kids, right? The worst was having to watch the doctor go through the process of stitching Jordi’s chin and not being allowed to pick him up when he screamed for me. The worst. When it was over, I quickly unwrapped him from the blankets that held him tight, lifted him and couldn’t stop my own tears from flowing.

When we got home late at night, we let him have all the chocolate ice cream he desired + chocolate Munchkins. He also slept in our bed that night and it was the best cuddle we’ve had in a long time. I didn’t want to let him go. We have been in the ER with Jordi before and this experience really put things into perspective…again.

I have to forget the pain. Jordi’s pain and ours.  I only want to remember the moments I looked around and watched my little family while we all waited in the room for the doctor to arrive. I want to remember that we shared stories and that I was simply present. I want to remember the gratitude I felt because I know it could have been worse.  I want to remember the feeling of  my heart bursting with love while watching my oldest two plant kisses on Jordi’s cheeks.  It’s over now. It is all going to be okay.

Whew! I hope you had a better weekend! Wishing you all the best this week. Here are your weekend links:

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Have a great week!

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