December 21, 2016


A lot of people often ask me, “What do you do? Exactly?” When I say I do a variety of things, I quickly go into my elevator pitch. I know it can be complicated to understand how someone can possibly have four jobs and raise three boys. But it’s possible! I have been blessed to have opportunities come into my life and I have simply always “taken the job.”

I believe that everything you do in life stacks up and prepares you for the next phase. After I had my first baby (in Tokyo!) I stopped teaching in the classroom but I wanted to continue to contribute and create. I also wanted to prepare myself for the day I would return to work. Teaching turned into blogging and freelance writing. Two years after that I became a client service manager for WeAllGrow Latina Network, an agency dedicated to connecting brands with social media influencers. Blogging and Influencer Marketing has given me the experience to help local business owners navigate through digital marketing and social media (my third gig).

I have managed this all from home.

Because of what I do, I have had many direct sales companies approach me to join their teams. “I have so much going on! How can I do one more thing?” But when my friend Maggie took me to a Beautycounter event for women of color, my perspective completely changed.  I learned that several studies have shown that people of color are exposed to a variety of indoor pollutants, including lead, allergens, and pesticides at levels greater than in Caucasian populations. I was floored. Cosmetic products marketed to women of color, such as skin lighteners, dyes and hair relaxers and nail polish, contain some of the most concerning chemicals used in cosmetics, including known hormone disruptors and carcinogens. So I went back to teaching mode. How could I NOT use my platforms to help inform people?

I came back full circle. I have a lot going on but I find it important to use this blogging platform, my teaching background, and my continuous work with other Latinas to help speak about the mission: get safer products into the hands of everyone. After using the products for almost one year, I decided to #TakeTheJob. It all made sense.

What opportunities have you been presented with recently? Are you eager to try something new? Are you following your passions? If you are looking for a flexible, do-good work while earning an income, maybe Beautycounter is for you.

And of course, not every Beautycounter consultant is a blogger! There are 30,000 women who have started this job from home. I love reading some of their stories and learning why they decided to join.  Although many consultants have joined for various reasons, we have all come together to share the same mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.  Many have said that joining Beautycounter was the job they didn’t even know they needed.  I know I personally have become empowered and am fortunate to be a part of an incredible network of women from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Email me if you are interested to know more about Beautycounter (or about any of these jobs!) I’m happy to be your sounding board and help you get your thoughts organized!

Wishing you a fantastic 2017 full of happiness, joy, abundance and fulfillment! Have a wonderful holiday!

Your friend,



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