Awesome Mami

It’s time!!! It’s time to welcome mi mami and Baby Boy #3 is holding on for my mother’s arrival! Tita Che is scheduled to arrive in less than two days, Jose is working from home (just in case) and I am just so excited! She’s bringing tortillas!! jajaja

I know how lucky I am that my mother is only less than two hours away from me by plane but she has been 14 hours away when we lived in Tokyo and 22 hours away when we lived in Singapore. My mother had never traveled alone until I became a mother and she said she put all her fears aside for me because she knew I needed her. Tear.

I don’t care that I am 33 years old and want to crawl into my mother’s lap as soon as she arrives. When you are a mother, you appreciate your own mother like no other time before.

Reasons I love her so much:

She welcomes me by making me the best Entomatadas ever! They are a poor man’s Mexican meal of tomatillo enchiladas, flat not rolled, topped with cheese, sour cream and onion with a side of homemade pinto beans. Yum! And she welcomes my siblings with their own special meals.

She doesn’t pretend to know something she does not know. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

She traveled alone (for the first time in her life) to Japan for my emergency c-section…right before my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary!!

She is so discreet. A true lady. Never poking her nose in gossip, never interfering with her children’s love life (even when she saw them in tears as teenagers in love).

She has more energy than any mom I have ever met. At 56, she puts me to shame with all she manages at home and at work.

She is a fantastic grandmother. She has literally rolled around the ground with my boys!

When she worked in a factory in Chicago, she would go to work in the latest 80’s fashion! Sometimes in pumps!

Her presence makes me feel relieved, peaceful and in no need to be in “control”.

She’s the least judgemental person I know. My mother taught us not to judge anyone, to try to walk in their shoes instead.

Mother’s Day is approaching. My mother will be able to welcome her third grandchild on Mexican Mother’s Day (May 10th). What a gift! Speaking of gifts…what are you planning for your mom or mother figure(s) this Mother’s Day?

Have a great weekend!! I know I will!!

Your friend,