Book Review #2

I read a review somewhere (my baby brain will not allow me to remember the source) and Would It Kill You To Stop Doing That? by Henry Alford sounded like I would be learning…modern manners. Like, what should I do if someone is nasty on an email or on Facebook? You know, modern problems. Well this book wasn’t the typical “dos” and “don’ts” of proper etiquette. Alford’s meaty part of the book is advice to 23 different “commonly overlooked unpleasantries” that a group of people submitted to him. He then answered them in 14 pages. The book is 231 pages long. I wanted MORE. Like a list or something. So, it got me thinking and I do want to point out my personal pet peeves and make my own list because I consider myself the Queen of Manners (I kid! But I was once told that I apologize too much…well, I’m sorry for that). Here is my list of what I think are “unpleasantries”. [Read more…]