In Aruba…

Everyone we met…

…thought we were the coolest parents with the best stroller.

…thought we were the craziest parents for traveling with three kids and that stroller.

…wanted to know if we would try for the girl.

…knew there was no one trying for any girl or any boy.
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¿Hablas Español?

I wrote this on May 13, 2009. I thought about it yesterday as I posted about my parent’s trip to Europe and the wonderful traveling quote from Paulo Coelho. I hope you like it!

Just got back from Phucket! Thailand was amazing!!! It was a short trip and we hope to go back soon because the country seems to offer soooooo much!!

As always, we hear the beautiful Spanish language in its unique accents and even little Diego’s ears perk up. We met a really nice Argentino and his girlfriend on the beach. They have been dating long distance because she lives in Bangkok and he lives in Shanghai. They asked us a lot of questions about living in Asia and wondered if it was difficult to live abroad (more like without family!) and have a child? I always think [Read more…]

Looking In-Greece

The best part about vacationing in a foreign country is the ability to peak in on a culture, society, and land for a short little time. Two years ago Jose and I visited Greece with Diego and had an amazing time. The people, the food, the scenery…all spectacular. This was also the first time I had the opportunity to take some pictures and receive pretty good results (so easy when your model is gorgeous)! Here are some photographs that allowed me to look in on Athens, Santorini and Paros! Enjoy!

This was one unforgettable dream trip we can scratch off our bucket list! What place do you dream of visiting?

Your friend,