A Great Weekend


How was your weekend? One of my BFFs visited from Chicago this weekend! We had a girls’ night dinner, shopped and even visited the nail salon! So perfect. When she was not showing me new workouts moves on the kitchen floor (while drinking wine) we talked a lot about the blog world and had some time to put these together for you…

The Country That Stopped Reading. Thank you to Latinas for Latino Literature for sharing.

She created Frida and Wonder Woman with food.

Here’s mine.

Why not register for the meditation challenge?

Even 50 Cent meditates

Whole Foods isn’t perfect but they are definitely leaders.

Our new favorite picture book, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs: As Retold by Mo Willems has made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Can you believe that planning a vacation makes you happier than the actual trip?

But San Miguel de Allende, Mexico would make you very happy.

Did you catch my National Geographic Kids Spanish App review on Mommy Maestra?

A song to get you going this Monday morning.

Have a great week!!

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This Past Weekend


How was your weekend? Ours was so nice! We attended our friends’ beautiful engagement party on Saturday. It made me realize that 10 years ago this summer, Jose and I got engaged! So there was a lot of reliving of old memories and a few, “I feel old” moments! jajaja!

It was also a very busy Saturday and Sunday and it made me appreciate those three day weekends a lot more! Nevertheless, I wanted to share these few finds with you. Enjoy!

Do you feel present as a parent? Me: Not always. Please pay extra attention to the 8:35 to 8:55 mark!

High school graduation goals.

One year in 40 seconds. The 30 second mark is my favorite!

The future is here! Would you trust this?

My new favorite photography site. Grab a tissue box.

Just received my copy of This Is How You Lose Her. I will need to unplug for a couple of days to just read!!

I’m becoming more and more obsessed (in a good way) with…

It’s been exactly a year?!?!

I want to hear from you! Anything! Comment below please! :-) Have a great week everyone!

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Be Nice to Yourself

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I had a lot to think about this weekend because I took a lot of time for myself (thanks to my supportive hubby)! It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day craziness that can leave you irritable and crabby and perhaps even saying, “I’m so tired. I feel fat. I haven’t had time for myself…” Do you recognize the negativity with which we fill ourselves EVERY SINGLE DAY? Here’s me raising my hand. I heard something over the weekend and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s not the first time I hear it but it was a well needed reminder, “Be nice to yourself”. We are not showing ourselves gratitude.

Why are we so mean to ourselves? Not just the working moms or the stay-at-home moms but all of us. Why can’t we be more gentle? So another reminder: if we can not be nice to ourselves, we can not be kind to our children, to our significant others, to our students, and to the baristas at our coffee shops! We mirror each other and without that positivity floating around, well then…we are all just walking Negative Nancys. Hmph.

I have 7 tips for you (and for me) to practice the niceties on ourselves. You can do one a day or you can do them all over a weekend. I did them all this weekend and feel amazing. Challenge yourself. Be conscious and see what works and what doesn’t. Most of them don’t take much time at all and they don’t have to cost a thing! [Read more…]


This past summer, our friends Luis and Vane joined us for a little beach get-away to Cape May, New Jersey. Bless their hearts for being brave and spending their vacation with a family of four! We rented a big SUV and drove for about three hours to the shore.
We ate, drank and exercised too! For some reason, this morning I remembered that while Vane and I did a workout on the beach, we did a little breathing exercise and somehow it flowed into paying gratitude to our bodies, our minds and…the ocean. I used to work for The Chopra Center in New York City years ago and I remember listening to Deepak Chopra talk about how nothing is a coincidence. Things align themselves in a way that is supposed to work for you. We need to take in the beauty of everything…see it, feel it, savor it and be grateful for it. That is why I love this latest article in the Dining and Wine section of the New York Times that published two days ago. Mindful Eating as Food for Thought is the anti-diet, it encourages people to [Read more…]