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Social Media Consulting Business Launch: A Gift To Me

August 10, 2017

It’s my 39th birthday!!! And like a typical Leo, I’m giving myself a gift. But unlike other years, this gift isn’t a new designer bag or fabulous heels. It isn’t anything sparkly or gold or covered in dark chocolate. This year, I decided to launch my Social Media Consulting business on my birthday. I deserve it, don’t you think?

I didn’t actually plan it. It sorta just happened to be that all felt ready on this day, August 11, 2017.  Although it has been years in the works, I sprang into action and haven’t stopped for two months. I decided to stop waiting and take advantage of the present.

Some of you may know that the company that I worked for went through a restructuring and I lost my job in June. Perhaps because I was in shock and worried or because I knew this was my opportunity, I dove into combining all of my experiences, passions and fears immediately.

I am a teacher. I love social media. I believe in digital marketing. And I am obsessed with women entrepreneurs. It really is quite simple. I need to offer my services to empower and help other women to succeed.

Betty Galván, Social Media Content Creator & Consultant…because every business should be a #SocialBiz. Businesses have to engage with their online community more than ever. The industry changes so quickly (did you know Facebook TV is coming?) and business owners have to embrace it.  Guess what? I’m the woman on top of that social biz.

And I’ll always have a side hustle. I don’t know how else to exist. Besides, every business babe should rock out with Beautycounter. Who doesn’t need Tint Skin and Scarlet Lip Sheer to slay?

I’m launching my business with a Lunch in Learn: How to Leverage Facebook and Instagram for Your Business on September 22 in Summit, NJ. If you are a local entrepreneur or know of someone who would be interested, would you please share? It would be the best birthday gift ever!

Blowing out my candles with one wish today. Wish me luck!

Your friend,

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