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Potty Training Tips From The Experts

March 21, 2013

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We just got back from an amazing trip to Aruba! Unfortunately, because we were not on any schedule, Santi’s potty training was put on hold for a whole week. Although it set us all back a bit, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Right before we left I was invited to attend a Pull-Ups teleconference with two potty training experts, Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton and parenting adviser, Jeannette Kaplun. They definitely had the answers to many of my questions and offered a lot of tips for successful potty training.


Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton is a well-respected Miami based pediatrician with 17 years of experience. He has dedicated his career to the well-being of children, as well as providing Latina mothers with the right information to give the best care.

An award-winning journalist and internationally recognized parenting expert, Jeannette Kaplun has over 17 years of experience on TV, radio, and online media. In 1999, she co-founded Todobebé and is the author of Todobebe: Todo lo Que Necesitas Saber para el Primer Ano de tu Bebe.

Dr. Andres Cotton and Jeannette Kaplun have teamed up with the Pull-Ups® Every Flush program to share their expertise with Latina moms by offering tips and advice that challenge some of the preconceived notions of potty training. Here is what I learned:

-Every potty training attempt should be celebrated! Don’t feel like you have to reward with gifts and candy. When Santi started to demand chocolate after every achievement, I realized that I had to get creative. Stamps on the hand, stickers, and even porras and claps work too!

-Regressions are normal when potty training. Although Diego was completely potty trained at 27 months, he regressed over a year later when his baby brother was born.

-Dr. Cotton explained that when a child regresses or wets the bed at night…he isn’t doing it on purpose!

-Ms. Kaplun advises NOT to punish children when they have accidents.

-Keep an eye out for a few days before you start to potty train. Learn your child’s schedule and then use those times to take him or her to the potty. A timer could be very helpful! If you don’t know your child’s routine, make a timer go off every 20 minutes. The ringing will make your child believe that using the potty is fun! I  can already picture Santi using the ding as a start to a race and rushing to the bathroom!

-If your child is not interested in potty training, your child isn’t ready. Period.

-Look for the signs of readiness. When a child tells you the Pull Up is wet or there’s a poo in there…your child is ready. Santi doesn’t deny a messy diaper. I know he understands.

-Enforce the POSITIVES of potty training! For us, Santi watching his older brother use a toilet is big boy status around here. I also keep a stash of very cool books in the bathroom and once in a while the iPad can go as well.

-Have your child pick out his own pack of Pull Ups and new undies too! Santi has already chosen his favorite characters.

-Everyone has to be on board when potty training. Please tell babysitters, nannies, abuelitas, dads, and siblings about the plan!

-Patience, knowledge, consistency and communication with all involved in potty training are the keys to success.

Pull-Ups is motivating Moms to stick with Potty Training and I like that they emphasize that you shouldn’t start training your little one until you see that they are ready. Celebrate every flush like in this video! I loved it so much I’m sharing it again!

Are any of these tips already working for you? Please let me know if you have other ideas to add!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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  • Reply Nancy March 23, 2013 at 2:10 am

    Defenetly when they are ready is the time to start, there is no reason to rush. Frankie was so ready he hated to be wet or with poopy diaper and he demanded to be changed. Be consistent and timing the trips to the toilet and they will be less accidents, ask them what they like, little toilet or big toilet, Frankie never wanted to sit on his toilet always preferred big toilet and easier for me less cleaning to do. He is fully trained and I’m so happy and proud of him. Thanks for your advice!!

    • Betty
      Reply Betty March 24, 2013 at 10:21 pm

      Hooray to your big boy!!! Thanks for your tips Nancy! xoxo

  • Reply Caro March 25, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    I know I will be looking back for these tips in a couple years. My cousin potty trained her daughter at just over 1 year old. Don’t ask me how she did it, but I’ve seen her daughter pat on her bottom to let her mommy know she needs to go potty.

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