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Positive Series #4-Reflection

December 12, 2012

Maria Kang’s FB page inspired today’s post. Today is 12-12-12 and she challenges her readers to write down 12 goals to achieve. Twelve professional, physical and personal goals that come to mind should be written down. I can do that! It’s true that if you write it down, stick it on your fridge or bedside table, it will become a manifestation. To help with that, for my blog and the continuation of my Positive Series, I’m proposing a reflection: What makes you happy now? What helps you stay positive day in and day out?

Here are my 12 and I hope this list gets my brain ticking for my new goals and new resolutions!

1) My children’s deep, stomach-clenching laughs make me happy.
2) My hubby’s smile makes me happy.
3) Reading
4) Travel
5) Crazy-I-can’t-breathe workouts
6) Photography
7) A night out that includes excellent conversation and any kind of wine.
8) Other people’s success
9) Chocolate and polished nails
10)A clean home
11)Blogging with coffee

So if I had the opportunity to take my family to Belize: I’ll read on the plane, workout on the beach every morning, take tons of pictures, polish my nails before dinner and wine, have chocolate dessert, and blog all about the amazing people we met over coffee in my clean home…pure bliss!!!

Share one thing that makes you super happy in the comments below please! Start reflecting…2012 is almost over.

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  • Reply Vanessa December 12, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Reflection-what makes me happy, what helps me stay positive day in and day out?

    1. Spending quality time with my husband
    2. Watching Show Time series with my hubby on Sunday nights
    3. Cooking Healthy Meals
    4. Having my meals prepared for the week
    5. Feeling strong during my workouts
    6. Great company
    7. Accomplishing the tasks I sent to do for the day
    8. Dancing
    9. Traveling
    10. Helping others transition to a healthier lifestyle
    11. Laughing
    12. Being surrounded by positive people

  • Reply Caro December 12, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Just 1? I can think of about 7 right now.

    1. Having healthy happy children.
    2. Being so close to my family (furthest sibling lives 15 mins away).
    3. Dancing makes me happy (in particular belly dancing and bachata).
    4. Having someone help me clean my home (God knows I can’t keep up with it on my own)
    5. Hanging out with my husband (lunch or dinner dates, watching movies)
    6. Photography (pictures of my kids and our family vacations. I have 32,000 pictures in my Mac)
    7. Music, music and more music.


  • Reply Nancy December 13, 2012 at 12:58 am

    1 The smiles on my children faces
    2 Working out
    3 Coffe
    4 Dancing with my children
    5 Knowing that my family is healthy and happy
    6 Having a relationship with God
    7 photography
    8 Listening to music
    9 cooking healthy meals
    10 clean home
    11 eating out once in a while
    12 enjoy a good glass of wine with my friends

  • Betty
    Reply Betty December 17, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Thank you ladies! Now that the reflection is done…I will challenge you to find new goals with me! More to come!!! xoxo
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