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Plaid Through Winter

January 22, 2015




While in Chicago, I raided my sister’s closet and found an array of plaid shirts in there! Seriously, about seven of them. I was inspired by one of Lily’s posts and considered adding one to my closet. But honestly, I felt I would look super grunge (where’s my Nirvana CD??) and just didn’t bother to own one since the late 80s/early 90s. My free spirit sister is also 12 years younger, far more trendy and luckily… she has no recollection of that sad, yet comfortable,  grungy stage in our lives.  She has a fresh outlook and pairs her plaid shirts in a super feminine way.

I wanted to make sure I could pull off this fall trend well into our current winter. When I got back to New Jersey, I stopped at one of my favorite local boutiques, Bungalow, and guess what? They were carrying so many plaid shirts! A nice plaid rainbow of them too. As always, they helped me style a simple warm shirt with very contemporary details…and I LOVED the results.

Visit Bungalow for your daily needs or for your dress up ones. They still have lots of items on sale! Happy shopping!

Plaid Shirt (Skies Are Blue)
Moscow Suede Skinny Pants (Greylin)
Lava Swarovski Beaded Bracelet (Deux Amies)
Triple Wrap Bracelet – In navy (Deux Amies)
Liselotte C Vintage Leather Bag – New Stone (Liebeskind)
Booties (Ivanka Trump)

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