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February 16, 2012

My friend Tiz just got an iPhone! Welcome Tiz! She has two little girls and wanted to know what are our favorite iPhone applications for kids. Now, don’t get me wrong, Angry Birds will definitely keep your little one still at the restaurant while waiting for food! But there are so many educational and fun apps out there! Why not have them learn while glued to your phone?
My suggestions have been approved by Diego and I am a little guilty of not having many left on my phone at this point. This assignment has me hunting to re-install old ones that Diego loved and some new ones that Santi can be introduced to soon.

Park Math

We absolutely love ALL of Duck Duck Moose apps. Especially Park Math. Kids ages 1-6 can play it and it has everything from simple counting to adding, subtracting, sequencing, patters and sorting. The images of the animals are super adorable, they are colorful and you have plenty of activities to choose from. Starting at 99 cents!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Duck Duck Moose also has apps featuring classic nursery rhymes like “Wheels on the Bus” and “Old MacDonald” so younger kids can start practicing and navigating the iPhone or iPod touch. They have language selections and simple interactive activites.

Toddler Teaser Colors

The Toddler Teasers were also a hit with Diego. Although the images are not as great as Duck Duck Moose, the idea behind all of the apps are simple, educational and interactive. There is also a language selection and you can choose apps about shapes, letters, colors, numbers, animals…all an introduction for your little one between the ages of 1-3. The voice over quizzes your child and the best part, some of them are free. Our favorite from this maker is the Toddler Teaser Words. It was really cool to see Diego start identifying words said to him!

Learning Touch First Words

I personally love Learning Touch. I felt like Diego was learning to spell on his own. The activity would present a picture, boxes with “faded” letters and dark scrambled letters below the boxes. The voice over would say the name of the picture and Diego’s little fingers would try to match letter to letter. Different apps for different categories! You have the choice of selecting apps titled, First Words: At Home, First Words: Animals and so on. There is a free sample (First Words: Sample) you can install on your phone and if you love it, you can get the deluxe pack for $4.99 that includes over 150 words for your kiddie to spell and identify beginner words.

Leap Frog Songs

Tiz also knows that I am a sucker for Leap Frog Products. I swear their simple and repetitive teaching of the alphabet in their products helped Diego learn his ABC’s at a young age. When I was first shopping for apps for Diego 3 years ago, Leap Frog did not have apps at the time. Guess what I found today during my research? Yay!!! Leap Frog for Santi. He won’t be jealous that he doesn’t have a Leap Pad like Diego! For 99 cents I am installing it right now. I’ll let you know how he likes it!
Please comment below and share the apps you and your little ones enjoy!

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  • Reply Tiz Lambert February 16, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks for the great recommendations! I quickly downloaded four of your apps after reading this. I also did some searching. One disadvantage with kid apps…a male’s voice as the narrator?!? I love the apps with cute kid voices. Olivia definitely seems to pay attention more to those. I found GRASSHOPPER APPS…you can actually change the original voice to your own or the cute voice of an older brother!

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