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May 2, 2013


I’m one of those people that can justify anything. I justify a new pair of shoes or handbag as if it was someone else’s business. When it comes to food, I justify my mindless eating just as well. I feel that I can “reward” myself because I work out on a regular basis. Three kids later, and as I get older, I know that I have to change a few things about my diet in order to achieve my personal fitness goals. The past seven days have been no joke. My first “diet” ever, I cheated, yes, and I still managed to lose 2.5 pounds. More importantly though, I feel so much more relaxed. I have had headaches from the sugar and caffeine withdrawal, but I’m getting more rest because my body is giving me true cues. I’m listening and here’s what I’ve learned.

So this is how it all came about. I’ve been feeling bad, really bad. I go on these non-stop kicks for days and then I crash hard. I realized I couldn’t keep up. Fueling by body with caffeine a little bit more and more each day was suppressing my hunger, leaving me empty of the nutrients I needed. Coffee had to go.

Then came the evenings of more rewards for making it through the day: sweets and wine! I knew that those calories at the end of the day were no good but I indulged anyway.

Tired the next day, eating (or not) my way through it, more caffeine, wine every night…the cycle started to become unhealthy. I was pushing my workouts and not seeing results. That aside, I simply wasn’t feeling well.

Not a fan of dieting, and especially not fad-diets, I reluctantly started The Fast Metabolism Diet after my friend and personal-trainer suggested it. I downloaded the app and instantly became hooked. This is not just another diet, it is truly a positive lifestyle change for me. Yes, it’s only been one week and I’m recommending it. I’m reading the book now because now I’m craving nutritional information. You have to check it out, even if you don’t need to lose weight, even to just gain more knowledge of the stuff you eat.

This week: My boys have tried and loved quinoa, brown rice pasta, and sprouted whole grain tortillas. I love those as well and have switched peanut butter to almond butter, cut-down about 80% of my dairy intake, had a lot of kale and spinach, limited my wine intake to one glass while out 3 out of the past 7 nights, had only one cup of coffee (!), and a tiny bit of sweets …my metabolism has kicked-started and I’m not deprived. I’m feeling awesome. BUT it wasn’t all so easy.

Day 2 was awful. The headache I had throughout the day was unbearable. Caffeine withdrawal for sure. Planning for meals became another thing to do, but after 3-4 days, I got the hang of it. Going out was also tough. For the fourth time in my life (pregnancies halt some of your bad habits) I didn’t say yes to everything that came to the table. It wasn’t easy.

One week down and three more to go! Have you heard of this diet? Are you willing to give it a try? I’ll keep you posted!

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  • Reply Bertha May 3, 2013 at 9:25 am

    A year after I had Daniela, I somehow gained 30 pounds. Not during pregnancy, after I had her! I did South Beach diet. I bought the books, read the books, had the pocket guide book with me at all times. I did it religiously. I lost 11 pounds in the first 2 weeks. 7 the first. I felt awesome. Yes, I had the sugar withdrawals, the headaches, but I also cheated with sugar free chocolates. I lost 10 more after the first two weeks. For a total of 25 pounds. I then managed to maintain most of it off. Marathon training for the last two years, plus the Zumba classes 5x a week, had me gained 10 punds back. I was hungry all the time! My body craved carbs, a lot of carbs! My brain, thought, hey! you’re running 20 miles a week, and doing Zumba 5 hrs. a week, you can eat whatever you want! But we can’t. I just recently lost those 10 pounds, alternating my Southbeach Diet plan again and doing some of Atkins meal planning. It takes a lot of planning, and I know I’m never gonna be super model skinny, because my body is not meant to be skinny nor do I want to be. The things we learn from those “diets” do have an effect on us, I still resort to those books for some recipes! My mom did it too, and went down a size. It’s a learning experience, a new way of eating and living.

    • Betty
      Reply Betty May 6, 2013 at 10:56 am

      That’s my journey right now Bertha, to learn about healthier choices for me and my family. It’s not always about size. I can be skinny but unhealthy. No body should aspire to that. I’m feeling so much better and can’t wait to tell you what I have learned with this book. It’s not fair to call it a “diet” but I think that is the only way the author can attract people! Thanks for your comments! xoxo
      Betty recently posted..A Weekend in ChicagoMy Profile

  • Reply Caro May 3, 2013 at 11:29 am

    For some reason the moment I attempt a diet that cuts out anything I immediately crave that forbidden food! I have incorporated quinoa and kale into our meals for the past year or so, but its the mother-in-law with her fried recepies on the weekends that kill me. I do have to work a little harder on my meal planning during the week. I will check out your recommendation to see if they have any yummy recepies ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Betty
      Reply Betty May 6, 2013 at 11:00 am

      I hear you Caro!! This “diet” is awesome because once you re-start your metabolism, when you achieve your desired health status, you will be able to eat your mother-in-laws food, and the foods you crave. I’m glad we are discovering things together! xoxo
      Betty recently posted..A Weekend in ChicagoMy Profile

  • Reply Liz A May 3, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    It will be almost 1 year in June since I went in a quest to change my eating habits to go along with my marathon training, the best decision because my body feels so much better. My body is really stubborn when it comes to trying to lose weight. My sugar level is normally low and if I skip a meal I feel yucky, so a strict diet doesn’t help me. Growing up my dad had us trying all kinds of foods. He’d say ” try it and if you don’t like it that’s ok you don’t have to finish it.” Because he basically forced me to to try new and strange food I’ve been open to trying

  • Reply Liz A May 3, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    …almost anything, so becoming vegetarian was not so hard for me. Now I’m slowly transitioning into mostly plant based. I cook and prepare food at home as much as I can so I won’t get tempted to eat lots of processed foods. If I do go out, I really don’t mind ordering a nice huge salad lol. There may not be a lot of options eating out but I’ll ask for substitutes when they can. I’ve found that the more you eat healthier the more you want to eat healthier because your palate does change. Because of my deep love for my culture and delicious meals, I sometimes found it hard to avoid it, so I’ll tweak it by substituting or leaving out any meat products. Yes, I do agree that we should try to plan our meals in advance. It makes a difference. I’m so thankful my husband is not the type of guy that ‘has’ to eat meat everyday. I see it as a new lifestyle not a diet. I’m fueling my body with what it naturally asks for. Since I’m back to training more for my next marathon and ultramarathon…yikes…I want to really focus in what I’m putting in my body since I can’t cut calories but add more. I still eat some unhealthy food but I won’t beat myself up for that.

  • Betty
    Reply Betty May 6, 2013 at 11:05 am

    Liz, you are my second reader who is trying a plant-based diet. Amazing! Just so you know, this fast-metabolism diet keeps you eating all day. For me, I don’t want to lose much weight, I wanted to switch to the foods that will fire up my body for my strength and cardio workouts. I have learned in the past couple of weeks of different grains, breads, what soy really is, etc… and that’s what is valuable to me right now. As always, thanks for your insight. xoxo
    Betty recently posted..A Weekend in ChicagoMy Profile

  • Reply Liz A May 7, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks Betty, and you made a valuable point which I wish everyone would follow (knowing where our food comes from). We need to see outside the box. Everything we do have consequences including what we eat. Many things are linked one way or another from our food industry, the lobbyist, to our healthcare system. We are a country with way too many fast-food restaurants that we have forgotten how to eat simply. These big food corporation have altered their food so that people keep coming back wanting more. It becomes an addiction. I don’t want to criticize others for what they eat. Not many have the means to feed their family healthier. Our food industry is so messed up that an apple may costs almost the same as a bag of chips. I know I’m going off topic here but I believe there is a need to educate everyone about nutrition and that includes future doctors. Food heals our body if we feed it with the right food. I’m not perfect, I want sweets all the time. By taking out other unhealthier foods from my diet I feel less inclined to beat myself up for one bad choice. It’s a balance. I don’t know if this plant-based diet will work for me. I’m taking it one step at a time ๐Ÿ™‚

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