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May 25, 2012

Two weeks ago, I knew it was going to be a pleasant stay at the hospital when one of the nurses took me into her large bosom (her breasts were pillows!) and hugged me the way only a grandmother knows how while my epidural was being administered.

The actual c-section was dreadful. It’s a horrible sensation of feeling your legs slowly go numb and having a team of nurses and doctors lift your limp legs one by one. Slowly my incision was re-opened and I laid there vulnerable, my upper body shaking,  my teeth rattling and I praying for it all to be over soon. I just wanted to see my baby.

Jose was amazing as always. He held my hand and said all the right things. He had my iPhone ready to snap pictures as soon as he was given the okay. I’m sure if someone would have called at the time he would have given them the play by play.

Jordi Mateo was brought into this world in about twenty minutes. The doctors and nurses quickly cleaned him up and brought him to my side. His red and wrinkly face was beautiful and I was relieved to see him. I will always have etched into my brain and heart the first time I  laid eyes on each one of my boys. Jordi and Jose were then taken away to do newborn duties  and we met again two hours later. I told Jose as I came in and out of sleep not to let my baby out of his sight!! This mother watches over her own even while drugged up and semi-conscious!

Once in my private room, I started to receive the royal treatment as my first nurse took a purple dry-erase marker and scribbled on the white board on the wall all the goodies I was to receive…a massage, dinner for two, photo shoot for Jordi…! The only thing I was to do was to rest, hold my baby and feed him from my already full “milks” (as Diego calls them). This all seemed perfectly fine to me!

I indulged in hot drinks and muffins every morning, lots of Food Network and HGTV on the flat screen in my room, short visits from my mom, Diego and Santi, flowers and gifts from friends…I was really enjoying my three night stay! It was quiet and  relaxing.  Jose stayed with me every night and he didn’t touch my remote control!

When it was time to go, of course I was ready to join my whole family again, but I couldn’t help but think, when will I ever get this again?? 🙂

Have your maternity stays at the hospital been pleasant? Please comment and share! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Your friend,


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