Mommy and Boys’ Weekend

May 19, 2014

babylit-anna-karenina-52d57bb6c8aad-1140Anna Karenina board book!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine wasn’t too bad despite Hubby’s absence! He went to his brother’s graduation in Kansas City and I managed 3 nights alone with the boys. I know it should be easy by now, but my goodness, homesickness really settles when completely alone. I try not to think about my boys missing out on seeing their abuelitos, aunts, uncles and cousins on a regular basis because honestly, it hurts. It’s been about ten years since I have been gone and it isn’t any easier.

Anywho, we did simple things like visiting the bookstore, going to one of our regular hangouts for lunch  and running errands (getting the car wash was super exciting for them!). jajaja! I do most things with only Jordi in tow, so the older boys were excited to visit Target and Whole Foods. They crack me up.

I also felt super proud of Diego, who turned seven this past February. He took his big brother role very seriously this weekend. I kept saying he was the little man in charge and gave him extra responsibilites which made him feel really good about himself. Diego beamed when his daddy told him he had heard what a great help he had been.

I had a little extra time to navigate the internets this weekend and here is what your friend Betty says you should click on! Enjoy…

Start them early: BabyLit

These totes!!

“Hillary, Solange, & Jill Abramson: The new Destiny’s child” and other awesome tweets from this past week.

It was all about Brazil and the World Cup over at Mommy Maestra this week!

Learned so much about Jon Hamm. Love him!

A new find: Geo Fox Apparel.

Diego loves his new t-shirt.

Vamos a la playa!

THIS Thai commercial! Have you seen it?

Everyone in this movie. Except, it is NOT a movie!!

Summer vacation is almost here! I’m thinking about what my boys will do. Remember this?

Have a great week!

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