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Lunch Time

March 8, 2013


When you are out grocery shopping this weekend, perhaps you want to gather some ingredients to create a work of art for your little one’s lunch on Monday? The steps are easy and all you need is a few hours…I’m kidding!! My respects to my Japanese friends! I love what you do with your bento boxes but I’ll stick to the ham and cheese sandwich, fruit and yogurt!

We all have to admit these are gorgeous! Who would want to eat them? Does this happen every day??? Here are a few more…


Kid World Citizen


Mr. Kate


The Hearty Heart


Loyal KNG


My way of surprising him.

The Where the Wild Things Are bento box is my favorite! Which one do you like? Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  • Reply Celeste March 9, 2013 at 9:45 am

    Awe.. very cute. Love the note idea.

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