Let’s Send Him to Chicago!

Ten minutes before this picture was taken Diego was in tears. Santi, our 15 month-old, made him cry. This happens a lot in our home. Santi is demanding, a screamer and even scares me…often. So Diego ran up from the playroom in hysterics to tell me that Santi was all over his space, taking his toys and “bothering” him. He said he didn’t want Santi near him and that he couldn’t wait for his new baby brother to arrive because he was going to love him more than he loves Santi. Oh brother. Literally. I told him to relax and like past conversations we have had, I explained all the benefits and joys of having a little brother…he didn’t buy it. So I said, “Let’s just send Santi to Chicago”. Why do I say things like that? I don’t know. Yes I do. But I’m afraid to say out loud. Santi is a handful. Can’t Tita Che (my mother) deal with him for a week? I kid. Santi isn’t that bad. Anyway, Diego looked up with wide, teary eyes and whispered, “No! Don’t send him away.” Proof! Thank goodness! He does love his brother!
As we approached the playroom, I caught Santi with a look of surprise on his face. Did I just catch him listening to our conversation? He ran back to the little track Diego was working on and just started handing things to Diego as if to say, “Mommy, Diego is lying. I didn’t do anything! Look at what a great helper I am! Please don’t send me away!!” Diego continued to build his track, Santi handed over the pieces and then…miracle…they played together. Was this really happening? I ran to get my iPhone so I could take a picture and it was pure bliss…for ten minutes. No one is going to Chicago. Hmmm…what if Diego would have said, yes, send him? Oops. Even mothers say the darnest things.

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  1. Bertha says

    I’m guilty of this. When Daniela makes me upset I stop and tell her…Mami is gonna turn into a monster. She stops and says “Please don’t turn into a monter” I love it! I don’t use it all the time, because then it looses it’s effect, but when I do, it works like a charm!!

  2. Maritza says

    I toataly feel you!!!! My girls are the same. My Giuliana has so much patience for My Karina. I’m trying to teach My Karina how to share. They argue, even hit..but are each others best sisters…Only they can understand each other :). They have secrets codes and crack up..it’s crazy, overwhelming yet FUN!!! I’m (we’re) not alone. That’s comforting to know Xox

  3. Yvette S says

    Wow!! Que mala madres! I kid!!! I have been guilty of the same thing!! I’ve told them that I was gonna pack up one of their things and send them away. Weird thing is that Eric a few weeks ago had gotten very upset with me because I refused to help him clean up his toys that he had made a mess of. After all his tears he then said he was going to look for another mommy. My heart was crushed that my lovable boy would say that to me!!!! I of course acted like it didn’t bother me. He then asked if he can use my iPad and I said no ask your new mommy when you get her because maybe she has an iPad. He then said “I am going to find her tomorrow not today”. He did end up apologizing. We hugged and kissed. LOVE those moments!

  4. Isabella Veronesi says

    Haha, reminds me of the time my sister fed me Bengay and my mom had to call the poison control. My sister didn’t “like me” because I was the little baby stealing all the attention, but she did and does love me. We are close now :) So don’t worry, I think it’s just learning how to get used to love each other in a nice way. At the moment they love each other, but it’s difficult for them to express it when they both want the same attention.

    Fighting brings brothers and sisters closer, nobody knows us like our siblings!! 😛

  5. Jenny says

    I love this. The thing I told my girls was that I was going to send them to the moon. Finally my oldest daughter saw when people were paying to go to the moon and said, “Guess what mom? You don’t have enough dollars to send us.” She was right lol. I waited for the day one of my girls would tell me they wished I wasn’t their mom. It happened a few months ago. I looked at her and walked away because I know I wasn’t going to bite my tongue. She came down and apologized. I told her how I felt and she felt horrible.

  6. says

    I’m glad I’m not alone! Ha! Thanks for the feedback ladies. Maybe the energy has shifted because I have seen improvement since I posted this. Diego has been incredibly patient and Santi has been cooperative. xoxo

  7. Nancy says

    Too cute.. Too funny, I’ve said things like that. And then I do feel a bit of guilt, but there are times that as a Mom you run of ideas of how to fix a situation, and something silly comes out. :)

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