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Latino Kids and Mobile Phones-Infographic

June 6, 2013

A Mobile Security Risk3

I find this infograph very interesting! My oldest is only six, but pretty soon he’ll be asking for a mobile phone. Yikes. I’m pretty sure Jose and I want that phone to be a super smart phone. Security would be my biggest concern. Just like the women surveyed, I want my kids’ phones to have the best features. I won’t be so concerned with the coolest features though, I’m talking about being able to track them on a map (!) or a feature that locks the phone when going over 10 mph.

We have time. I am hoping we have at least six more years! Until then, I’m expecting the best technology to come.

What’s your biggest concern when it comes to kids and mobile phones?

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  • Reply Sharon June 6, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    The exposure to ‘all’ what’ s out there. My eldest got his first very very simple phone (my old one) when he was 11. Only because it was convenient regarding sports etc and he could contact me whenever needed. There were no apps etc. Now this year (after YEARS of begging) we gave in to a more ‘fancy’ phone with all the ‘cool’ gadgets and apps. I read about a contract a mom made with her son online when he got his first Iphone. I copied some of it, we discussed it extensively before we bought the phone, he ‘signed’ it etc. Basically, he doesn’t get his phone till 8 am and has to return it at 7. No phone when he’s making homework and there’s parental control on it. I have to his password at all times, he needs my permission to download and there’s an age limit to the sites he can view. I still will go in and check his phone on occasion. It was challenging at first when it was all new and he got ‘obsessed’, but after a month it was normal. Still, peer pressure and what they can see and do on their friends phones and computers, there’s no stopping that unfortunately. You do what you can as a parent and keep them very close.

    • Betty
      Reply Betty June 11, 2013 at 11:21 am

      I love the agreement you have with your son Sharon! Great ideas. Making a mental note to come back to this when my time comes! jajaja! Thank you!
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