Kids are Back-to-School! But What About You?

September 5, 2016


It’s back-to-school season and even if you still have younger children at home, September is a great time to hit that reset button in your life! September is our new January 1st. As the weather changes and a clear distinciton of a new season around the corner, it’s time to set new goals, start new hobbies and simply take a little time to focus on what makes happy mothers.

A regular workout, healthy eating, uninterrupted office hours, inspiration, take the business to the next level, lots of water, alone time with each child, and date night are HUGE priorities for me. But why are they so hard to achieve? Because kids get sick, water leaks through the roof, a co-worker needs your help, social media noise, the sitter canceled…there are always reasons but we also make a lot of excuses, right?

No more excuses. It’s time to focus on carving a little more time on something for you. Self care. Are you ready to start a new business? Are you finally making the decision to run that half marathon? Are you trying to get out of debt? Big or small, negative thoughts aside, no road blocks…focus on you for a bit longer this season.

I love this quote from Marie Forleo’s interview with Tony Robbins:

“I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to tolerate the life I have, even if it’s good. I want great, magnificent, and outstanding.”

Go for it. Happy September!

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  • Reply Lendy September 6, 2016 at 11:21 am

    A friend of mine just reminded me of this. She was suggesting I sign up for an online yoga groupon and I laughed because I told her I couldn’t imagine actually wanting to do yoga at home. Then she said just wait you’re gonna finally have a little time to yourself. Luna is starting Preschool tomorrow. I guess I’m so nervous I hadn’t really thought about the positives (especially for my self-care). I decided I’m going to stop saying I’m nervous and instead say I’m excited!

    Also, I love that interview!

    • Betty
      Reply Betty September 6, 2016 at 12:35 pm

      So happy to hear this, Lendy! YES! You do need a little self-care time! It def. makes us better mothers. Congrats and good luck to Luna’s first year!!!! xoxo

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