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I’m Losing My Sanity Today

February 24, 2012

I can be a little dramatic and I said I would try to avoid these types of posts but I can’t help it. I’m losing my beloved babysitter today. Which means I will lose my mind today. My sanity. I’d rather lose my foot today! I told you I could be dramatic. But doesn’t this call for a little drama? I’ve been sad all day. Extra tired.
The story of how I met Isabella is quite nice really. I tell it as often as I have told how Jose and I met. I bragged about Isabella, yes. When we first moved to New Jersey this past summer, I had to say goodbye to Gladys and Orquidia, our lovely babysitters in New York City we had for 2 years (before that was Frida in Singapore and Angelica in Japan…) Living away from family (really the grandparents!) is HARD. I’m a SAHM but feel the need to have someone to help in case of an emergency…like having to run out and buy the red wine for my evenings (would totally be drinking if I were not pregnant right now). Our past babysitters were recommended and after an extensive search and being a new mom at the time, things were really, really thought through. Anyway, not that this time it wasn’t, but Isabella seemed to have dropped from the heavens above with a pleasant attitude, a cute smile and she also became a great resource (new to Jersey…she lives here, etc). Oh, and a damn good babysitter. My kids love her. LOVE her!
So my friend Connie calls me from our old neighborhood in the city and says, “I just found a fabulous Italian tutor for the kids and she lives in YOUR TOWN!” What are the chances of that? She went on to say that Isabella had just graduated college and had a little bit of time before her next big move. She was willing to babysit as needed and there you have it. I interviewed her and now…she is leaving. SOB!
Isabella not only plays with my kids, she teaches them! Every activity seems thought out and she puts a spin on play as if she were conducting a classroom full of preschoolers. Granted, she has worked with children in the past at camps and so on but I was so impressed to see this in a babysitter. But she wasn’t just a babysitter. Connie hired her to tutor. I think she agreed to help me because we got along so well during the interview. Let’s just say that having Isabella here I was able to run out to the gym in peace. I could go to the grocery store and shop quietly. I even had lunch once by myself because I was so desperate for alone time and I knew that Santi would not be plopped in front of the flat screen while I was gone. I had no guilt for taking a little time. Sigh.
So Isabella has been offered an internship…in France! Jose and I told her she had to take it! We are so happy for her and supportive and would never, ever be those kind of people to discourage someone from taking an opportunity like this one. We knew that the time would come. Great young women like Isabella are destined for success and amazing adventures. So she leaves us today and I wish her nothing but the best. She promised to send post cards to Diego from her travels too. He will love that! And now I will love the chocolate chip cookies that wait for me in the kitchen. Second best to wine right now. Big sigh.

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  • Reply Bertha February 24, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I wish I had an Isabella too! All I have are the Grandmothers! One (mine) makes me feel like crap when I ask her to watch Daniela for a couple of hours if me and Luis want to have some “couple” time. But they are wonderful to have close by! Where do I sign up to find an Isabella?

  • Reply Nancy February 29, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Sorry to heard that I know you will find someone as special as Isabella, I just do t know what I would do without my mother in law she is so amazing not only do I have the incondicinal love that she has for my children but she watches them like a huck, not only does she comes to my house to see the kids she always helps me around the house and at the same times she holds Frankie in her arms as she does things like laundry ir dusting, there is no way I can’t stop that lady she has energy like no other and straight like a bulldozer, she comes every wendsday and sometimes Saturday and Sunday she does not miss a baseket ball game but yet she works sometimes 7 days a week 9 or 10 hours a day. God bless my mother in law and give her health and straight to see my children get older, we love her so much!

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