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If I Had a Classroom

August 22, 2012

Many of you already have the kids back at school or are preparing them to go back any day now. I know a few of you are teachers and are setting up your classrooms for the new school year. How exciting! As I mentioned to you before in my “Back-to-School Tips for You” post, a lot of bookstores and libraries have the back-to-school displays out and ready. I am preparing Diego for Kindergarten so on Friday we took a trip to Barnes and Noble and had an abundance of books to choose from to help ease those first day jitters.

Of all the books to choose from, we came across How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills and we loved it! I thought about how if I was still teaching middle school, I would totally read this book to my students. I would read this book to any child. Rocket is an adorable puppy and a hesitant student at first. He chews on sticks under a tree and wants to nap instead of joining a little yellow bird who has set up a tiny classroom. The little bird decides to start lessons and begins by reading a story but pauses, creating a cliffhanger and leaving Rocket wanting more. Once this little teacher realizes that Rocket can’t read, she is determined to teach Rocket and Rocket starts to learn letters and begins to love stories. The beautiful pictures depict the changing seasons and the “school breaks” where we see Rocket waiting patiently yet practicing what he has learned, and excitedly awaits the return of his teacher.

What a great book for a reluctant kindergartner! I think that it would be great for older kids too so they can remember how amazing it feels when something new is learned. Check it out! I promise you and your little readers will love it!

Do you have any back-to-school favorites? Maybe we saw it at our bookstore? Would love to hear…and read!

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