Hubby’s J. Hilburn Experience

April 13, 2015


A few week ago, Hubby decided to get fitted for a casual custom made J.Hilburn shirt. Summer is coming and he is in need for sharp shirts that can take him from casual-Friday straight into the weekend. Hubby has always preferred to have a tailor provide his suits and shirts for work but we both wanted him to feel confident that there are also other experts who can help with his weekend style.


We had a great experience with Joy Chang, a J. Hilburn personal stylist and friend. If you remember, she wrote 7 Must Haves for Your Guy’s Closet (which I couldn’t agree with more!). I knew that after meeting Joy, Hubby would end up with more than just a shirt! I wanted him to incorporate a few new pieces into his closet and it worked!


Sometimes it takes a few people to help convince a husband or boyfriend to change their look a little bit. Joy showed Hubby everything J. Hilburn has to offer…and ladies, it’s everything! If your guy is in need for jeans, polos, shorts, dress shirts, jackets, vests or ties, J. Hilburn has it all to keep him on trend without going over board.  Joy helped me convince Hubby to get a pair of chinos and a jacket that he could wear for weekend special occasions (no more work suit jacket!).


Hubby’s shirt already arrived (less than 10 days!) and I can’t wait for him to wear it in May since we have lots going on during those weekends. I also can’t wait to see how the pants and jacket turn out. Because Joy already has his measurements, I am picking out a few things for Father’s Day. I have my eye on THIS and THIS!

My girlfriends and I have discussed that our guys have no trouble dressing for work but when it comes to evening and weekend wear, we would love it if the guys paid the same amount of attention to their casual wear. We’re on our way! If you need any help, I recommend someone going to your home and helping your hubby out. There’s nothing like the privacy of your own home to talk to someone about his specific needs, fashion preferences and budget. If you are local in NJ, please email Joy at email: and I bet you’ll love all that J.Hilburn has to offer! Happy shopping!

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