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Homework Space in the Kitchen

April 13, 2017

My boys are growing up! Since we moved to our new house a little over a year ago, I had to create a new homework space for them. Remember this cute little room?

I  was really unsure about putting a desk in this space.The point of an open concept living area was so that we can all be together while I cook, they play the piano or watch TV. Right now, I really don’t want the boys going off to their rooms to do homework. But I didn’t want it too look too crowded either. I think Hubby got it right! He made this selection all by himself!

I love that I can see the computer screen, that I am around to keep the boys on track and that I can multi-task. What do you think of the new space?

Spotlight White 58” Desk
Turner Gunmetal Adjustable Stools
“Be You” from Marshall’s
Pencil holder (gift)
Bunny Decoration from Kohl’s

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  • Reply Kate Evans July 5, 2017 at 7:56 am

    Hello Betty, I liked your home decoration. You have a really awesome household things which are very attractive. I love your chairs. I want same for my home. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of your home.

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