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Healthy Choices and Scheduled Workouts for this #FitMom

July 27, 2015

Back when I was thinking of asking my #FitMom friends to join me in this MFBS and CR Photography mini series, I already knew bits and pieces of their stories but I admired them so much that I wanted to know more. Hence, I came up with the questions listed below. Because they train on a higher level of intensity (much higher than I would ever dream of training!), I wanted to know specifics. My journey has been completely different but in order to stay consistent with the series, I’m asking myself the same questions I asked mis super amiguas. Enjoy!

When did you decide to change your life and live it to its full potential? What happened that made you say, “Today is the day?” 
Unlike so many children today who start playing sports at a really young age (including my own), I didn’t join a sport until I was in high school. I was a Cross Country runner and a Track and Field long distance runner. I wasn’t winning many races, and I knew that I wouldn’t run in college, but when I ran a flat 6 minute mile my Junior year, I was so, so proud. I remember how my muscles felt that day. I even remember the smell of the indoor track. And I was hooked. I was hooked on creating many “personal best” moments that were realistic for me. Many years later, when I became a mom, workouts were never consistent but when I was pregnant with my third baby boy, I hired a trainer so that I could carefully continue to workout without ever stopping again. No more excuses.

What does your typical workout entail?
I finally found a group class that I LOVE! I have been doing Pure Barre for five months now. I try to make 3 classes a week and at least one day of running (no more than 2.5 miles). My core is really strong now and I believe it helps me avoid lower back pain which kept me from running for years.

How do you make time for training?
I tell myself that the day has 24 hours. I have to dedicate one hour a day to fitness and only have to schedule 4 days on my calendar. When I have a babysitter I go to a class, or if I don’t, I try to make Saturdays and Sundays work because Hubby is home. My kids often join in on the fun so when I have them, we get creative. I happen to have a two-level backyard so I run the stairs up and down over and over. After a few sets, I do push ups, sit ups and planks while the boys play! Then I do it all over again. I also have weights in the play area so when we can’t go outside, I take all that I learned from my trainer (Hi Jackie!) and apply it by myself. Jumping rope inside of outside the house is the least expensive way to get your heart pumping!


We all wake up feeling unmotivated once in a while. How do you get through a tough day?
I always think:
“My boys need a healthy mom.”
“My boys need a happy mom.”
“I’m going to feel great when I’m done.”
And it works!

How many children do you have and do they “work out” with you?
If you are just getting to know My Friend Betty, welcome!! I have 3 boys. Diego is 8, Santi is 4.5, and Jordi is 3 yrs old. They also see me workout while they play in the park or playground and often want to join. Diego plays soccer and he is becoming a really fast runner. I do sprints with him and they all love to jog with me. We already see Santi becoming a great long distance runner. He never gets tired. I can’t wait to do more with them in the future.

DSC_8298 (1)

Tell us about a challenge you overcame during the process of ‘changing your life once and for all.
I recently did a 28 Day Cleanse that was so hard but taught me so much. I decided to do it because I started to notice habits that I didn’t enjoy. In the last few months, regardless of how much I was working out, I was eating to control my emotions.  At my age, my workouts were not enough to keep pounds from creeping up. I also hated the feeling of being over caffeinated just to get through the day and then drink too much wine at night to wind myself down. Super unhealthy. I haven’t had a cup of coffee for two months now and I can count the three decafs I have had since then. I also no longer need to open up a bottle of wine just because the boys are driving me mad!

What’s a typical dinner for you?
I try to cook Monday through Friday. We always have a protein, a carb and fresh veggies. I rotate the protein from chicken to ground turkey to fish to ground beef. I try to serve red meat only once a week. The carbs rotate from brown rice, to Mexican or Spanish rice, to brown rice pasta to regular pasta. I want the boys to know how to balance their food choices not only for the day but also for their week. They enjoy flour, whole wheat, corn and sprouted tortillas! I have become so busy that I don’t steam veggies or even buy frozen ones anymore. They love crispy and cool cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers and spinach leaves. In case of an emergency, our “fast food” is a rotisserie chicken I pick up from Whole Foods. Cooking at home saves us lots of money (3 growing boys!!!) and we don’t feel bad for eating out over the weekend. I love trying new restaurants so I order what I crave but I always watch the portions! P.s. We only drink water during meals unless Hubby and I have wine.


How do you manage cravings and social situations that entail lots of food and drinks on your “no” list?

Weekends are tough! So many tempations! I have just established a new habit, thanks to the 28 Day Cleanse I did in June. I no longer splurge all weekend long. If we are going out to dinner, I make sure my breakfast and lunch is just like my weekday meals. When we are out to enjoy food, I try it all! When it comes to cravings; I have never had anything on a “no” list except when I did the cleanse. For everyday life, I always have a taste of this or a taste of that to prevent me from binge eating. My cravings are satisfied with just a little bit of something not so great for me.

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  • Reply Maria July 27, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Great article(s) Betty. As moms we often put ourselves last when it comes to everything. I’ve learned, over the last year, that it’s ok to take 30 min or 1 hr daily to focus on our bodies. At the end of the day a happy and healthy mom is the best mom! I wish there was a Pure Barre near me. I’ve struggled with lower back pain all of my life and I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my core.


  • Reply Heather July 27, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Just want to say thanks Betty this was exactly what I needed! I am so ready to get myself to the gym and this post inspired me to stop making excuses for myself, be consistent, and get motivated!

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