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Small Victories

June 9, 2016


So I’ve been doing this parenting thing for 9 years now. I thought I was getting the hang of being a mom but…no, not really. You would think that with 3 boys, I would be an expert by now! I have a lot of experience but I truly don’t know what I’m doing these days. Every year (every day!) is something new. Hubby and I have decided not to helicopter so much, and let the boys make mistakes.

Recently we noticed the mistake WE were making by overscheduling our oldest. Although we eased up on his schedule and made other adjusments, we couldn’t forgive ourselves for not seeing the signs earlier. Boy, were we hard on ourselves. There is always guilt in parenting! Oh, so much guilt.

What I do know is that I’m trying my hardest and once in a while I have to sit back, and give myself a little credit. This parenting thing is hard. It’s always easy to give our friends advice but it’s necessary to notice your own small victories.

I’m not always yelling. I’m loving, I’m teaching, I’m counseling, I’m nursing, I’m just being me.

I’m going to remind myself to count my small victories. And you should too.

I’m going to give myself credit for…

…driving 15 minutes to my absolute favorite organic grocery store every Sunday to pick up our weekly supply. And then going back a few more times a week because we ran out of  loaves of bread, and fruits and veggies and milk…

…teaching my boys that best manners, empathy and español will take them far in life.

…cleaning with the safest, non-toxic household cleaners.

…ironing their t-shirts.

…reading to all of my boys every night (even if I am falling asleep doing so).

…sleeping on the edge of my bed because I never send a sleepy boy back to his room.

…stocking their bathroom with the safest kid bath products out there. 

What are you giving yourself credit for today? I urge you to share with me in the comments below. It feels good. I promise. 


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