Halloween: Finally!

November 1, 2013


Hi! Did you have a great Halloween? I’m suffering from last night’s too much sugar and vino combination! It was a fantastic Halloween here in the East Coast! A few things did happen this year but nothing like the Snowstorm of 2011 or Hurricane Sandy cancelling last year’s festivities.

Take a look, please!

1) We were going to all be Ninjas this year, but let’s just say that my “Lethal Ninja” costume was too much for the neighborhood trick or treat. When will women be able to buy cool and fun costumes that are not um, over-the-top? Sigh.

2) Last minute changes! I decided to use the costumes we did not use last year because of Hurricane Sandy. The boys did wear their race car driver costumes on November 2 (I think) as we lamely knocked on 2 or 3 doors. I thought, why not? Jose’s costume was never even opened!

3) Baby Jordi was the only one who outgrew last year’s costume, so I cut off the legs and decided to tuck the top in to his pants. It looked great!

4) Diego wasn’t having any of it. He was going to be a Ninja but didn’t want to be the only Ninja!! There went my family costume idea! If I gave in, I would be the Ninja simply showing her butt and not actually kicking any butt. No way. I thought all the boys should be Ninjas and Jose and I would do our own thing.

5) Santi saw our costumes and ditched his Ninja costume. Poor Diego.

6) Diego suggested Jordi be his Ninja partner. Jordi doesn’t speak and he was just so excited to walk around with chocolate in his mouth. As you can see, the bribing had started.

7) It was raining!! But everyone was so happy! Our friends stopped by and we had so much fun! We all went trick-or-treating together in the drizzle and it was perfect.

8) I’m sorry to Diego for not taking the picture of him “kicking in the air.” I’m sorry we lost the nunchakus.

9) He loved every minute of last night.

10) That is the only thing that matters.




I’ll try on my costume WAY ahead of time next year! We are planning already!

Have a great weekend!!!

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