February 10, 2012

This past summer, our friends Luis and Vane joined us for a little beach get-away to Cape May, New Jersey. Bless their hearts for being brave and spending their vacation with a family of four! We rented a big SUV and drove for about three hours to the shore.
We ate, drank and exercised too! For some reason, this morning I remembered that while Vane and I did a workout on the beach, we did a little breathing exercise and somehow it flowed into paying gratitude to our bodies, our minds and…the ocean. I used to work for The Chopra Center in New York City years ago and I remember listening to Deepak Chopra talk about how nothing is a coincidence. Things align themselves in a way that is supposed to work for you. We need to take in the beauty of everything…see it, feel it, savor it and be grateful for it. That is why I love this latest article in the Dining and Wine section of the New York Times that published two days ago. Mindful Eating as Food for Thought is the anti-diet, it encourages people to be conscious of every morsel of food in your mouth, to enjoy it, savor it and allow your body to have a reaction (positive, negative, I’M FULL, etc.) and to show gratitude for it.
We have so much going on in our lives. We rush to prepare food or we pick up something “quick” on the way home. A big disappointment for me is taking hours to prepare a meal for friends and my family and as soon as we sit, it is over in minutes! We also watch television, check our phones while we are eating…and guess what? We don’t realize how much we are eating. We also don’t realize the effort put in and obtaining this food. We are not receiving.
Eating and becoming mindful about the food in front of you, becoming more aware of your senses, will bring you to a peaceful place. You’ll start noticing yourself stopping to breathe in the scent of a flower or candle, to watch a young child taste something for the first time or to simply pay gratitude to the ocean for just being there. Would love to hear your thoughts on the article!

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  • Reply Heather February 20, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    I do agree that people rush through life and don’t take moments to exhale and enjoy the simple things life has to offer. I enjoyed the article and am sending it to my husband so he can stop some habits he has when it comes to eating!

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