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Five years…

February 14, 2012

My big boy turned 5 yesterday. I have been planning his birthday for about a month now and my thoughts have been filled with mixed emotions. Of course, I am thankful he is happy and healthy, a good boy and super clever. But I’m also a little melancholy over how fast the time has passed and that always lingering question, “what have I accomplished in the last five years??!?” The obvious, as everyone points out and I think it too, I’ve raised this amazing boy and for the past 14 months his baby brother. As I type, in my belly, my third baby boy is enjoying the rush of whatever portion he gets of my egg and cheese bagel sandwich. I know what it is to be a mom but I continue my journey of what makes me…me.
As I have stated before, nothing is a coincidence in bettering oneself. I read a bit and always want to share so this is why I started this blog (my second in the past five years as well). I have had an amazing opportunity to travel throughout Asia and Australia, I have great conversations with childhood friends and I am inspired by new friendships. I have moved so many times which bring opportunities to learn even more. And every bit of knowledge learned through the journey helps make a conscious decision: Who you pick for a babysitter, with whom you decide to play date, what to do on weekends, taking time to exercise, taking the time to stop and breathe, planning meals, keeping a schedule for your kids, what you read to them, what you watch on television…
Nothing is a coincidence, my decision to stay home with my first baby was made for me as we were in Tokyo when Diego was born. Making the best of that opportunity has brought me here. I’m picking up all the little pieces that have helped me and passing it on to you. Big or small. The best part is that I am better for Diego. I am better for Santi. I will be better for the baby. What makes you?
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Reply Heather February 20, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Betty, you seem to do such an amazing job balancing motherhood as well as maintaining a social life and still managing to do the things that you love to do. I will be asking you for advice once my little one approaches! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Nancy February 24, 2012 at 12:51 am

    You are so right about how fast time goes by, and before you know it the baby that once you were breast feeding now she is writing essays, I wish I could recall every smile, and every little silly thing they did as babies, and that is why I try to video tape my babies as they get older. I have to confess the more kids you have the less time you hav to do the things you use to do with the first one. One thing I love to do when they are babies is dance with them, and they all had their special song and I have made sure I video tape us dancing, because I know one day they are going to ask that question and I will have prove of it.

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