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#FitMom Elaine: Ironman at 41

July 23, 2015

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I’m so happy to welcome Elaine back to MFBS! Remember her? She’s a personal stylist, an involved member of our community, a fantastic mom and…an Ironman. Her story is incredible and when I first met Elaine, I would have never thought that the soft spoken, genuinely friendly new amiga had so much in her. So, so much. She is more than a #FitMom! Elaine constantly sets new goals for herself and it has been amazing to witness her journey. I can’t wait for you to read below… 

When did you decide to change your life and live it to its full potential? What happened that made you say, “Today is the day?”
I decided to train for the Ironman when I turned 41. After being a stay at home mom for 10 years, I felt like it was my turn to accomplish something big – to shift the focus onto me and achieve something ‘impossible’. I had been in the support role for 10 years cheering for my kids and my husband’s career. It was my turn.

What does your typical workout entail?
Leading up to the Ironman, I trained 6 days a week. Peak training included long bike rides lasting for 100 miles, long runs of 20 miles, swim workouts in the pool and open water swimming at Mountain Lakes. The training is grueling. My body felt constantly fatigued but also superhero strong at the same time! In addition to swimming, biking and running, there are two additional components to Ironman training which are nutrition and stretching. I would say I spent about 25 hours a week training for the Ironman during the peak.

How do you make time for training?
I do whatever it takes to get my training in. During my busy styling season, I wake up at 4:00/4:30 so I can get to the gym at 5:00am to workout. I always schedule my workouts in my planner so it just becomes part of my day. Working out and being healthy is simply a part of my lifestyle.


We all wake up feeling unmotivated once in a while. How do you get through a tough day?
Training with my girlfriends keeps me motivated. There’s a new Nike commercial for the Women’s World Cup – Strong Alone. Unstoppable Together. That’s how I feel about training with my friends.

How many children do you have and do they “work out” with you?
I have 3 children – 11 year old boy/girl twins and an 8 year old boy. While I do not train with them, we do live an active lifestyle together as a family. We love to ride bikes together or walk into town to the library or explore different local parks for hiking. My favorite hike is in Hacklebarney State Park in Long Valley, NJ.


Tell us about a challenge you overcame during the process of ‘changing your life once and for all.’
During the Ironman Lake Placid race last summer, there were torrential rains during the most difficult portion of the bike – a very steep 7 mile descent. Not only was it pouring rain but the thunder was so loud we could feel the ground shaking.

I was shivering, my whole body was shaking and I had to concentrate on not falling off the bike. It was definitely the worst possible scenario for race day – which I had spent months preparing for. In my head I wanted to quit because it just did not feel safe. I did not want to risk my life for a race. But then I caught up to my friend and training partner Sheryl and we rode together during the rain storm. She said “This is my worst nightmare come true. And your lips are purple.” Knowing she was there with me allowed me to keep going.

What’s a typical dinner for you?
When I cook at home, we eat healthy. One protein source usually chicken or beans with lots of vegetables. Tons of water. On the weekends, we go out to eat. We love to explore restaurants as a family so I’ll splurge and enjoy a myself.


How do you manage cravings and social situations that entail lots of food and drinks on your “no” list?
For me, keeping my weight stable means small, baby steps. I’ll write a post it with my focus for the week – no eating after 7pm, no eating in the car, no snacking or something like that. If I follow these simple rules, I can keep my weight in check. That means when I’m out with friends socializing, I’ll enjoy myself. I’m not a big drinker, I tend to stay away from alcohol so instead, I’ll treat myself to a dessert and I’ll really enjoy it – which means no guilt – and then I’ll skip sweets the next day.

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