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First Spring Weekend

April 7, 2013


Happy Monday everybody! I’m feeling better! Thanks for the kind messages this weekend. I made sure to get some rest, to get a little organized at home,  and to unplug a bit too. It is all about balance, isn’t it? I learned that I can’t take a setback so personally. Everyone has their ups and downs. So normal and so okay.

Anywho, I went back to the Latin Rhythm class on Saturday morning for a music pick-me-up. You know what felt so good about the class? That I was a tad bit better than last week! jajaja! Another mood booster? The weather!!! It was about 65 degrees out here today! Spring is finally here! We all got a little bit of sunshine.

Here are this weekend’s finds. Enjoy!

One view regarding your child and your touch-screen.

And another view.

Seven happy foods!

A not so happy food.

Spark creativity.

Jose recommends reading material too. I loved it.

Big announcement from Latinas 4 Latino Literature!

Because I need to stop ordering the same 2 drinks over and over and over…

I’m not switching this drink and I’m laughing so hard at the title of this article!

You know what love is? Not watching the season premier of Mad Men because your hubby went to bed early. Thank you, DVR.

Let me know what you’re thinking and have a great week!

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