Father’s Day-What They Really Want

June 7, 2013


Our Teacher Appreciation Week post was a success! People loved it and I bet it was because we all heard many voices (not just mine!). I love collaborative work. So guess what? Father’s Day is next week and as many of you prepare for it this weekend and into next, I asked the question for you. 7 dads helped me write this post (one is a grandpa too!) and I was blown away by their funny, honest and heartfelt responses. Moms often steal the big moments and I wanted to show you just how sensitive these guys can be. Here it goes: What do you really want this Father’s Day? P.s.They came up with their own tag line!

As a father of two, and grandfather of 3 1/2 (one is due in October!), I always tell my kids, “You don’t have to get me anything for Father’s Day”. I mean that every time. I use to get mad when I was a kid, and a teenager, and my Dad told my sisters and I the very same thing. But I get it now. I know times are tough, and its tough to make the paycheck stretch these days without worrying about buying the “old man” a gift.
BUT, if they DO want to get me a gift, (and they will, bless them), here is what I like to get. I have hand prints of my first granddaughter, Grace, made out of construction paper that her Mom (my daughter), Ashley, traced and cut out. Then Grace wrote a special little note to me and tied it together with white string. I LOVE THOSE!! I framed them, and smile every time I look at them! In fact, just yesterday, I asked my daughter to do the same thing with the hands of my other two grandkids, so I have a set! It won’t cost them a thing and it brings me a LOT of joy!
I know that she will want to get me something else, though. I know a lot of people don’t like gift cards, but I LOVE them! It allows me to get whatever I want from the places I go to everyday! So I am hoping she includes a gift card for Starbucks, or Target, or iTunes. People say gift cards are not nice because it looks like you didn’t put any effort into finding something for the recipient. It makes me happy to walk into Starbucks with a full gift card and hand it over to get my latte. I also enjoy just skimming through all the choices on iTunes and picking what I want to pick, when I want it. Proud Poppa

Material Gifts
1. Tools: Most DIY dads appreciate power tools. If you are not sure what to get, ask at the store what a really good multi-use tool a guy would need to have in his collection.
2. A good bottle of booze that I normally would not buy for myself.
3. A gift card for a hot towel shave. Every guy loves them or just have never bothered getting one but I bet he will love them soon after 🙂
1. Going to a baseball game and staying for the whole thing.
2. Having friends or family (that you actually like) over for a BBQ with some drinks and just hang out and relax and maybe play some yard games (horseshoes, corn hole, etc.) without having to worry about having a watchful eye on the kids. And yes I am aware that women will say that it is that way all the time, but just don’t give us a hard time about it 🙂
“Go Ask Your Mom” Dad

Because of my exercise and running obsession, I’d like one of those running watches with GPS (I guess it’s better than getting hair plugs and a Harley). Mid-life Crisis Dad

In terms of what I really want, there is nothing that I want from a material perspective because I could always buy my own cuff links or ties and shoes. I guess I would really like something that has sentimental value such as a collage of the kids or a painting by them. Basically anything that reminds me of my kids would be great because as a working dad, I don’t have the joys of always being there. Anything I can take to work with me that reminds me of them would be awesome. Also, I won’t say no to sports memorabilia because who wouldn’t want a basketball signed by the Knicks? Early 30’s Corporate Dad

This year I’ve decided to take each Father’s Day to reflect on the type of father I’ve been the past year and the type of dad I want to be in the year ahead. So, what I really want for Father’s Day is to spend it with my two favorite girls so that we can better learn how to continue to strengthen our bond with each other. That being said, if they’re going to spend some hard earned cash, here are some things that would be on my wish list:
a couple of bottles of some rare beers
a new iPad is always nice
a pair of nice headphones
a hall pass for a weekend trip with the buddies (I love my girls but sometimes a day away is needed :-))
A nice set of grilling utensils
A fan/temp control apparatus for my Big Green Egg
-Early 30’s dad

What do I want for Father’s Day? That is easy….time. I am the father of two boys growing up way too quickly.  I work a lot of hours and am very far away from them due to work. I wish they knew that the reason I work so hard is for them. So when I have them and spend my time with them I wish time would stand still or I could just get more. I try to cherish and make each and every moment a memorable one. Since I can’t receive time as a gift, I’d love a mini vacation for my boys/wife and I, anywhere calm, peaceful (away from work and distractions) just pure quality TIME to make a bunch of memories that would last a lifetime.
-Torn Between Two Cities Dad

If I could have anything for Father’s Day, I’d ask to be a bigger part of my daughters life.  I am doing all that I can do considering the situation I am in, however, if there was a magic wand somewhere that could be waved and wishes be granted, I would definitely need it here. I would love to kiss her goodnight each and every night. See her awaken with bed hair. Take her to school, pick her up from school. Make her breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even some late night snacks. ( ; Help with homework, attend school assemblies, report card pick-ups. All of it! The ultimate Father’s Day gift would be to have the ability to be a part of my daughter life each and every second, not just when it’s convenient to other parties. Having said that, I cherish every moment I do get to be there and pounce on every opportunity that is presented.
Now, if I had to choose material things, I would take an awesome vacation with my little one, just daddy and princess. Maybe a fun filled week at Disney World!
More attainable? How about a weekend at the local Water park here with my daughter?
In reality what I will get is to spend it with Lexi. And that is all I need and want for that day. To go watch a movie and have a dinner date with my baby. I’ll pick up the tab of course, but one day she’ll take her daddy out. ( :
Shaving kits, soccer balls, cargo shorts….. Maybe one day when I have my daughter with me more often, but for this Father’s Day I am looking forward to her drawings and small gifts that come from her heart. No one gives me what I want more than my daughter. She knows her daddy and makes me fall in love over and over again with her.-Optimistic Father

How awesome is that? Thank you guys! Now for the rest of us, let’s help our kids make it a really special Father’s Day for all the papis!

P.s. Last year’s love to Jose (and his mom). 


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  • Reply Nina June 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    Love the idea for this post Betty! I usually treat my husband to a lunch with our kiddo. If I get him an item it’s usually something special or something he wouldn’t think of getting for himself. For his first Father’s Day I bought “how much do you love me?” Board book and traced my then 6month old’s hand in it.

  • Reply Isabel Garcia June 7, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    It was so nice to read from a father’s perspective what they truly want for Father’s Day. I never know what to buy my dear dad for Father’s Day since he’s not materialistic. However, my siblings and I, always take my dad out to his favorite Dim Sum place in San Francisco, which is one of the best in San Francisco. Spending time with his adult kids, is something my dad truly cherishes and those moments are priceless for me! This year, we plan to spend a beautiful day with my dad in San Francisco. Awesome post! 🙂

  • Reply Joan Penfold June 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Awesome post. I smiled all the way through it. Here we get the “Don’t get me anything” response as well. So, Dad here appreciates a special dinner that we do not normally make, so some good ole sloppy Baby Backs and potato salad and baked beans (his fav) baked for hours and hours is going to make him happy. That and a bag of Dove Chocolate 🙂
    Joan Penfold recently posted..Zulily Events for the Week! 6/7/13 – 6/13/13My Profile

  • Reply Celeste June 7, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    @Proud Poppa- Glad to hear perspective and happy that you let them get you that gift. It really means a lot to us kids/grandkids to do a little something for you and see that smile on your face.

    @”Go ask your mom” Dad- good to know that there are others out there that appreciate a hot towel shave like my hubby…never thought to give it as a gift. Will have to try this time. But…My hubby (and I as well, for that matter) would have to agree…a good BBQ with fam & friends you actually like is a great gift and probably tops his list.

    @ Early 30s corporate Dad- I think your kids appreciate the fact that you think of them all the time and I’m sure that they are missing you just as much. I’m also pretty certain your on your way to getting a life size picture of your family to post up in your office… wink, wink…Knicks4Life!!

    @ Optimistic Father- It may not be now. But one day your daughter will come to you and tell you how much she understands and realizes how much you tried. A girl never forgets her father no matter what the circumstance. She will always have a special place in her heart for you. So keep your head up and stay optimistic. She needs that.

    @ Betty- Thanks for writing this. It was very touching. It’s very comforting to know that there are so many good Dads out there.

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