Our Family’s Halloween Costume History

October 7, 2016


It’s almost HALLOWEEN!!! To tell you the truth, when I was growing up I didn’t love this holiday. I never enjoyed scary costumes, haunted houses and trick-or-treating in the city of Chicago wasn’t the best. But having kids changes things! When Diego was younger, it wasn’t his favorite either. He hated his monkey and Go Diego Go costumes. He could not wait to take them off. Hubby and I were saddened by it but knew not to push it.

One year we suggested that we should all dress up together. We needed a family/group costume idea and thankfully my sister sent our new baby, Santi, a cheeseburger costume. We joked about getting Diego a hot dog costume and we were floored when he agreed!! Don’t let that face in the pic fool you! It was the first time he went knocking on doors for candy. I think the idea of having us all look silly together warmed our 4 year old to dress up and give it a go. We had a blast and that image has made it around the internet. It was fun to hear people say, “You’re on Buzzfeed!”

The second year was not so easy. The family was divided between ninjas and race car drivers. I felt a little bummed but loved that Danica Patrick costume! It’s still one of my favorites. I’m secretely hoping to try this one again in a few years with my guys.

The following year we were back on track! Our Under the Sea theme was a success! I even made my own jelly fish costume! The boys were really into sharks and whales at the time and all happily agreed on this idea.

And last year, while watching Minions, we realized we had the perfect family costume. We already had three minions and sometimes Hubby and I can be despicable masters. We had so much fun. Diego had a spare costume too. He was so into Minecraft (still is!) and because now he was enjoying Halloween so much, we wanted him to splurge with a second costume.

I can’t wait for you to see our costumes in a few weeks! The idea is in honor of one of our family passions. The best is that eveyone agreed but Santi and Jordi made a special second request. Why not? Halloween is on a Monday so our #GSquad has three days to celebrate.

We hope you have a fantastic time this Halloween!

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  • Reply Alicia Gibbs October 12, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Love all of your family costumes! I featured you in my roundup post!

    • Betty
      Reply Betty October 20, 2016 at 1:25 pm

      Awesome, Alicia! Thank you!

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