End of a Roller Coaster Ride Weekend

April 14, 2014


I had THAT week! It has been a long time since I experienced a bad day followed by a fantastic day, followed by an awful day…I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. On Saturday, I did a lot of reading in bed and we all met up with great friends for pizza. The five of us went in to the city yesterday to meet my cousin and his lovely girlfriend. They are in for the week and we just had to go to Landmarc for a scrumptious brunch. It’s the little things, right? Rest, friends, family, great food and crisp champagne are all needed to recuperate from the week.

A big part of my emotional roller coaster is that Baby Jordi is well into the Terrible Twos. Honestly, he is draining everything out of me. Dividing my time between three little guys is hard enough. When one dominates all of my effort and energy (not in a good way)…I just can’t.  I feel guilty,  I lose my patience, raise my voice and end up laying in bed at night thinking of all the things I did wrong during the day. I might be an experinced mom but I’m definitely not a perfect mom. I don’t think any of us strive to be perfect–good moms, yes–but not perfect.

Dear Jordi, I want you to know that Terrible Twos or not, I love you with all my heart. You are so stinkin’ cute, determined and smart! You are a joy to us and your brothers adore you. We know it’s hard to be the youngest. Everyone is talking and moving around so quickly and dragging you to where we all have to be. Believe me that everything must stop when you need to eat and take that great little nap! You are important too and we are watching…and yes, listening to you as well. My heart bursts when you smile. I love you, Mami

It’s a new week! Here are your links. Enjoy!

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Have you experieced the Terrible Twos with your child? I’ll take your advice! Have a great week!

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  • Reply Celeste April 14, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Awe Mama…this post made me tear. I’m going through the same thing with my little one and I KNOW it’s not fun. You’re doing an awesome job. Keep it up!!

    • Betty
      Reply Betty April 14, 2014 at 7:09 pm

      You are too, Celeste! Thank you so much. It’s so great to have such supportive friends like you. xoxo P.s Hang in there!

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