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DSC_1261This is a compensated post by Kleenex. However, all opinions and statements are my own.

Oh the weather outside is frightful…I know you’ve heard that there is MORE snow for the east coast today. Luckily, I’m prepared. I love my casita and I love having my little guys home. BUT with little noses running and six little hands on the brink of smudging “mommy’s space” (I mean, our living room), I have gorgeous and stylish Kleenex boxes that fit my decor. No need to hide the box!


Why cover something so pretty? This Kleenex design is a beautiful contrast next to my frosty window. The blooming box keeps me hopeful and it beautifies my personal space. The snow just keeps coming out here but my home is nice and cozy. I’m spending this snow day reading magazines and drinking hot beverages. When a little guy happens to walk by, I’ll hand him a Kleenex tissue.


Have you checked out the Kleenex Style Studio? You should! Scroll through all the great new styles that will go well in your home. As you can see, I couldn’t get fresh flowers on this snowy day, but I do have a Bouquet for Any Room.


Kleenex is in a festive mood because they are celebrating 90 years of style! The brand’s designs actually go down in history. Kleenex has made two appearances at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. If Kleenex is fabulous enough for the MoMA, it’s a must for me and my home!


The designs have been so chic that some people can’t tell what is a Kleenex design or a runway creation! Check out the video below…

How fun! Now it’s your turn! Think YOU know style? Take your own quiz for a chance to win fabulous prizes HERE! Tell me your score below and I’ll tell you mine! 😉

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