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Ever wonder why I do this specific post on Mondays? This is the perfect time to explain. Last week, I did a lot of reading and only a little writing. True to my chosen “My Friend Betty Says…” blog name, I often start sentences with, “I read somewhere…” and ask, “Did you see what was going around Facebook this week?” Therefore, because I can not write an opinion on every article (over 20 this week),  magazine (2), and book (only finished) I read, I still want to share if I feel it might be useful to you.

I do make it a priority to tell you at least a little about each book I read. So here goes the latest: One month after my book club met, I finally finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I know! One month! Even though I told the girls to go ahead and discuss freely and I found out what happened at the end, I kept turning the pages slowly and finally finished. If you crave 500 pages that go back and forth between 1941 and 2011, go for it. Better yet, if you love historical fiction and don’t mind reading another novel that takes place during World War II,  pick it up! The Secret Keeper is about a young girl, Laurel, who witnesses a murder committed by her mother. She holds her mother’s secret all her life and never asks her why. When Laurel understands she might lose her mother soon, she realizes she does want to know. Between the mother’s few waking moments and intense research Laurel does on her own, a beautiful and shocking story of love, family, and war unfolds.

Enjoy these other suggestions!

Maya Angelou’s final tweet.

6 tips for cutting back on sugar.

Shooting victim’s father speaks.

10 Spanish Words That Have No English Translation

Another big reason to wean off sugar? Update: It’s a HOAX!!!!!!!!!! Argh!

I hope I can avoid sleep away camp for a long time…

8 Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teacher.

A book to encourage kids to eat healthy.

These lip shades are back!


I can’t believe I didn’t share THIS with you last week!!

Start your Monday with THIS hilarious video. It’s a baby. Thank me later.

Have a great week!! P.s. If you are in the area, please attend MFBS and Bungalow event. Click HERE for details!! 

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Perfect Memorial Day Weekend


How was your long weekend? We took a short road trip to Baltimore to visit our good friends. The weather was perfect and the boys spent a lot of time riding bikes and scooters, playing soccer and swimming.  Santi feels so happy and proud to visit his dear friend, Hudson. They are adorable and end up chasing Diego (because all big brothers are super cool). We met Hudson’s new baby brother, Cooper and I wanted to take him home! On Monday, we took our boys to our town’s pool and I feel confident that this year I’ll be able to take them all on my own. Yikes!

We can’t get over how awesome the weather has been. After such a long winter, it was about time. I started running outside and realized I really missed it. I also took advantage of the sales online! It was a lovely Memorial Day, and I did stop to reflect about how this isn’t just the unofficial start of summer, it is about the sacrifices so many have made for us and our country.

Here are your weekend links!

A military widow reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day.

Fed Up is out. Will you see it?

I like to follow this gossip! Looks like only one person missed the big wedding this weekend.

Live Colorful decorates her balcony and has a $50 Pier 1 Imports GC giveaway!!

Another Latina Blogger helping make #QuinceDreams come true.

It’s Never Success that Scares You.

How to Help Your Kid Stay in Bed All Night.

For healthy and younger-looking skin: 7 tips.

Now I know why I get headaches after I run!

7 awesome things about summer.

Have a great week!

Mommy and Boys’ Weekend

babylit-anna-karenina-52d57bb6c8aad-1140Anna Karenina board book!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine wasn’t too bad despite Hubby’s absence! He went to his brother’s graduation in Kansas City and I managed 3 nights alone with the boys. I know it should be easy by now, but my goodness, homesickness really settles when completely alone. I try not to think about my boys missing out on seeing their abuelitos, aunts, uncles and cousins on a regular basis because honestly, it hurts. It’s been about ten years since I have been gone and it isn’t any easier.

Anywho, we did simple things like visiting the bookstore, going to one of our regular hangouts for lunch  and running errands (getting the car wash was super exciting for them!). jajaja! I do most things with only Jordi in tow, so the older boys were excited to visit Target and Whole Foods. They crack me up.

I also felt super proud of Diego, who turned seven this past February. He took his big brother role very seriously this weekend. I kept saying he was the little man in charge and gave him extra responsibilites which made him feel really good about himself. Diego beamed when his daddy told him he had heard what a great help he had been.

I had a little extra time to navigate the internets this weekend and here is what your friend Betty says you should click on! Enjoy…

Start them early: BabyLit

These totes!!

“Hillary, Solange, & Jill Abramson: The new Destiny’s child” and other awesome tweets from this past week.

It was all about Brazil and the World Cup over at Mommy Maestra this week!

Learned so much about Jon Hamm. Love him!

A new find: Geo Fox Apparel.

Diego loves his new t-shirt.

Vamos a la playa!

THIS Thai commercial! Have you seen it?

Everyone in this movie. Except, it is NOT a movie!!

Summer vacation is almost here! I’m thinking about what my boys will do. Remember this?

Have a great week!

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Surprising Mother’s Day Weekend


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! We celebrated Jordi’s birthday with a little pizza and cake. He was so happy to be the center of attention! That quickly changed as the festivities (including Mother’s Day) took a swift turn because of Diego’s stomach bug and Santi’s severe seasonal alleries. One boy kept running to the bathroom and the other looked like a boxer after a few bad rounds. Sigh. But they all gave me their best smiles, their tightest hugs and biggest kisses as they showered me with gifts on Sunday morning. We stayed in all day, played with Jordi’s new toys and tried to catch a few rays.

Motherhood…always surprising! Sometimes you can’t help but just laugh and count your lucky stars. I have to thank my own mother for being here with me the last 2.5 weeks. I really don’t know how I could have managed this past week without her! Hubby is pretty awesome too. ;-)

Here are your weekend links. Enjoy!

Metallics for spring.

Adorable! Do they come in my size?

L4LL has the Summer Reading Program ready for your child!

Remember my friend Denisse from The Orphaned Earring? She has 7 girls in the Mexico and Guatemala orphanages turning 15 years old this August. She needs your help to raise additional funds to host proper Quinceañeras (Sweet 16) for these girls. Please click HERE if you can help.

So glad Oprah is back with Master Class!

Please don’t forget to enter the skin care giveaway!

I need to make this Mango Salsa!

Take it Easy and have a great week!!


You ARE a Great Mom GIVEAWAY!


My dear friends, Kerry and Holly, started You Are A Great Mom with a simple mission: to inspire moms to release guilt and embrace great. After one of them had a frustrating day followed by a sleepless night with a sick toddler, their attention turned to how they could help themselves and other mothers feel less guilt and more confidence. The idea of creating a reminder with the simple affirmation–You are a Great Mom–gave them chills.

I knew my friends were starting this company and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I have my “You are a Great Mom” affirmation sticker on my kitchen window–because I need it there! When I am home, I spend 90 percent of my time in the kitchen. I often end my day there too. Usually exhausted, I clean up and go over every single thing I did wrong that day. No lie, I have glanced up at my sticker with tears in my eyes to bring me back, to re-energize me and to remind me that yes, I am a great mom. I also know other great moms… my mother, my comadres, my BFFs, my Chicago girls, my primas…and I’m going to make sure they all know it.

Let’s support each other and the greatness of motherhood by visiting Kerry and Holly’s You Are a Great Mom site. Please like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. AND enter this wonderful Reminder Kit giveaway…

-7 Reusable Stickers for you to place wherever you need them.
-7 Notecards to share with moms you love and admire.
-7 Magnets for those “mom-strangers” you know could use a boost of confidence.

I want to wish every mom reading this, a VERY happy Mother’s Day! We start our celebration tomorrow, Saturday, because in Mexico, El Dia de las Madres is always on May 10th! So we get the whole weekend…woot!

May 10th is also Jordi’s birthday and I couldn’t ask for a better gift. To celebrate these great occasions, You are a Great Mom and I are picking TEN (!) MFBS readers at random to receive this Reminder Kit. The best part about this giveaway, is that we know you will spread the love and share with other great mothers.

Good luck and happy Mother’s Day!


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Gift Ideas for Mami’s Day!

Hello there! It’s Cristalia with a very special post. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I want to give you a few ideas that I know moms will be happy to receive on this special day.

My list includes a trendy nude supercalifragilipstick from Kate Spade, a casual stripe dress (also comes in black & white), or metallic espadrilles that are very trendy for the summer season. My latest purse crush, a versatile tote/pouch from Sole Society is also included below! Lastly, scented candles or a beautiful terrarium to adorn her work space are great ideas too! Enjoy!


Stripe Dress $29 :: Lipstick $24 :: Sandals $60 :: Laser Cut Tote w/pouch $70 :: Monogram Votive Candle $14 :: Terrarium $14-$198

Hope you and your mami love these as much as I do!

Love & cheers! Cristalia


Cinco de Mayo Weekend


Hola! How was your weekend? We had a really busy and festive weekend. The boys attended birthday parties, soccer and started a garden! My mom spent all of Saturday making pozole and prepping for tostadas. I took out all of the bright table linens to compliment her delicious feast. She also made agua de tamarindo and we finished our meal with a few shots of tequila!

On Sunday, I surprised everyone with spicy chorizo and refried beans. OMG. We eat a lot when family is visiting, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, the fun continues as I am hosting my book club at our place for the first time! Hubby will prepare margaritas for the ladies and my mom promised salsa and guacamole. Que Viva Mexico and it’s fine, fine cuisine!

Here are your weekend links…

Gorgeous Mexican theme party ideas.

Buying this book for Diego now.

Teacher Appreciation Week: What they REALLY want!

10 lessons learned from our mothers (look closely for mine!!).

Gifts for mothers who teach.

More gift ideas.

Adorable little t-shirts.

I bought it! Hoping my boys notice.

Have a great week!

P.s. Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Week, Jordi’s 2nd birthday, AND Mother’s Day all on the same week!!!!


veo-app-mfbs-1This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Veo® Mobile and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and statements are my own. 

Like most moms, I am constantly searching for the best products and the best deals all the time. I love using all my electronic devices…especially my mobile! To be able to use it for work and to find our family’s favorite apps on the go is indispensable. Not too long ago, I discovered a new app–Veo–and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


Latino shoppers can find free products, promotions, recipes, and giveaways specifically for them from brands they love through a new mobile app called Veo, from Latinum Network. Veo is fun, culturally relevant and community-oriented. Veo will also make it possible for shoppers to receive messages directly from brands–an excellent way to stay informed.

Just yesterday, Veo had free TRESemmé Split Remedy system samples, and a children’s book ready for download from my friends over at Bebe Lanugo! Veo truly knows what products Latinos love. They are working with brands like Nestlé Abuelita, Discovery en Español, Shout, and many more. It’s smart! As a Latina mami, I want deals on products my mom used and on those that I have discovered and continue to use for my own family.

The app is easy to use, engaging, and really stylish. You have to download Veo! It’s free! Once you do, play around with it a little and enter the $25 gift card giveaway below as a thank you for helping launch Veo. Veo app is available for FREE (didn’t I say that already? jajaja!). For iPhone and iPod touch click HERE and for Android click HERE! I promise you are going to love it!

Don’t forget to tell me all about your experience in the comments below! Buena suerte!!

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Inspiring Weekend


Hubby and I attended a beautiful wedding in picturesque Tarrytown, New York this weekend. We were honored to be the padrinos de lazo–sponsors for the Mexican Catholic tradition of placing two rosaries joined together with a cross on the beautiful bride and groom. We had an inspiring taste of Mexican culture throughtout the reception as well. Everything was perfect– just like our dear friends.

This weekend, I couldn’t help but think about our wedding day (almost 10 years ago!) and it was nice to go all out with a fun dress, dance with Hubby and have a romantic brunch alone on Sunday morning. I was inspired by our friends’ love and vow to remember our special day more than once a year. Although we want our boys to travel as much as we all can, a date night, weekend trip or a week long vacation alone are all great ideas to focus on my life long partner a little more than usual.

Here are your weekend links…

The BarkPost = Cutest site ever.

Mad Men fashion: Sally.

Why Chocolate is Good for You

Video: More American women starting small businesses.

Have you been following El Dia blog hop? Special announcement on Friday!

How about entering the Stia Couture giveaway? Please do!

This tote!

Greek paradise.

16 detoxing guidelines

How to help your young child recognize letters and numbers.

Have a great week!

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Long Easter Weekend


How was your weekend? We had a nice three days off but I had to catch up! After spending Thursday evening in the city with Hubby, then again all day Saturday, and a long Easter Sunday here at home with my 4 guys, I passed out early on Sunday night! Hence, this post is a day late but I HAD to share the links below (especially because I wrote 2 of them!) Hee hee!

Lots of fun things happening here too. Quick update: My mom is coming from Chicago! Woot! We are all very excited. Diego is trying out for soccer travel teams (!) and practicing a lot for his piano recital. Jordi is having a birthday soon…the BIG two!! I’m sure he is currently teething and Diego is finally losing teeth. So funny. Santi is great! We are working on a lot of español with him. Mi chiquito!

Here are your links…

On Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I’ll never forget where and when I read my favorite.

Mommy Maestra has 3 awesome picture books to giveaway!

Are you done making your kid’s childhood magical?

Easy summer dress.

10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

As always, thank you for your support here and all over social media. You guys are the best!! Have a great week!