Gift Ideas for Mami’s Day!

Hello there! It’s Cristalia with a very special post. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I want to give you a few ideas that I know moms will be happy to receive on this special day.

My list includes a trendy nude supercalifragilipstick from Kate Spade, a casual stripe dress (also comes in black & white), or metallic espadrilles that are very trendy for the summer season. My latest purse crush, a versatile tote/pouch from Sole Society is also included below! Lastly, scented candles or a beautiful terrarium to adorn her work space are great ideas too! Enjoy!


Stripe Dress $29 :: Lipstick $24 :: Sandals $60 :: Laser Cut Tote w/pouch $70 :: Monogram Votive Candle $14 :: Terrarium $14-$198

Hope you and your mami love these as much as I do!

Love & cheers! Cristalia


Cinco de Mayo Weekend


Hola! How was your weekend? We had a really busy and festive weekend. The boys attended birthday parties, soccer and started a garden! My mom spent all of Saturday making pozole and prepping for tostadas. I took out all of the bright table linens to compliment her delicious feast. She also made agua de tamarindo and we finished our meal with a few shots of tequila!

On Sunday, I surprised everyone with spicy chorizo and refried beans. OMG. We eat a lot when family is visiting, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, the fun continues as I am hosting my book club at our place for the first time! Hubby will prepare margaritas for the ladies and my mom promised salsa and guacamole. Que Viva Mexico and it’s fine, fine cuisine!

Here are your weekend links…

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Adorable little t-shirts.

I bought it! Hoping my boys notice.

Have a great week!

P.s. Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Week, Jordi’s 2nd birthday, AND Mother’s Day all on the same week!!!!


veo-app-mfbs-1This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Veo® Mobile and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and statements are my own. 

Like most moms, I am constantly searching for the best products and the best deals all the time. I love using all my electronic devices…especially my mobile! To be able to use it for work and to find our family’s favorite apps on the go is indispensable. Not too long ago, I discovered a new app–Veo–and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


Latino shoppers can find free products, promotions, recipes, and giveaways specifically for them from brands they love through a new mobile app called Veo, from Latinum Network. Veo is fun, culturally relevant and community-oriented. Veo will also make it possible for shoppers to receive messages directly from brands–an excellent way to stay informed.

Just yesterday, Veo had free TRESemmé Split Remedy system samples, and a children’s book ready for download from my friends over at Bebe Lanugo! Veo truly knows what products Latinos love. They are working with brands like Nestlé Abuelita, Discovery en Español, Shout, and many more. It’s smart! As a Latina mami, I want deals on products my mom used and on those that I have discovered and continue to use for my own family.

The app is easy to use, engaging, and really stylish. You have to download Veo! It’s free! Once you do, play around with it a little and enter the $25 gift card giveaway below as a thank you for helping launch Veo. Veo app is available for FREE (didn’t I say that already? jajaja!). For iPhone and iPod touch click HERE and for Android click HERE! I promise you are going to love it!

Don’t forget to tell me all about your experience in the comments below! Buena suerte!!

Images: CR Photography

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Inspiring Weekend


Hubby and I attended a beautiful wedding in picturesque Tarrytown, New York this weekend. We were honored to be the padrinos de lazo–sponsors for the Mexican Catholic tradition of placing two rosaries joined together with a cross on the beautiful bride and groom. We had an inspiring taste of Mexican culture throughtout the reception as well. Everything was perfect– just like our dear friends.

This weekend, I couldn’t help but think about our wedding day (almost 10 years ago!) and it was nice to go all out with a fun dress, dance with Hubby and have a romantic brunch alone on Sunday morning. I was inspired by our friends’ love and vow to remember our special day more than once a year. Although we want our boys to travel as much as we all can, a date night, weekend trip or a week long vacation alone are all great ideas to focus on my life long partner a little more than usual.

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Have a great week!

Image by: CR Photography

Long Easter Weekend


How was your weekend? We had a nice three days off but I had to catch up! After spending Thursday evening in the city with Hubby, then again all day Saturday, and a long Easter Sunday here at home with my 4 guys, I passed out early on Sunday night! Hence, this post is a day late but I HAD to share the links below (especially because I wrote 2 of them!) Hee hee!

Lots of fun things happening here too. Quick update: My mom is coming from Chicago! Woot! We are all very excited. Diego is trying out for soccer travel teams (!) and practicing a lot for his piano recital. Jordi is having a birthday soon…the BIG two!! I’m sure he is currently teething and Diego is finally losing teeth. So funny. Santi is great! We are working on a lot of español with him. Mi chiquito!

Here are your links…

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As always, thank you for your support here and all over social media. You guys are the best!! Have a great week!



End of a Roller Coaster Ride Weekend


I had THAT week! It has been a long time since I experienced a bad day followed by a fantastic day, followed by an awful day…I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. On Saturday, I did a lot of reading in bed and we all met up with great friends for pizza. The five of us went in to the city yesterday to meet my cousin and his lovely girlfriend. They are in for the week and we just had to go to Landmarc for a scrumptious brunch. It’s the little things, right? Rest, friends, family, great food and crisp champagne are all needed to recuperate from the week.

A big part of my emotional roller coaster is that Baby Jordi is well into the Terrible Twos. Honestly, he is draining everything out of me. Dividing my time between three little guys is hard enough. When one dominates all of my effort and energy (not in a good way)…I just can’t.  I feel guilty,  I lose my patience, raise my voice and end up laying in bed at night thinking of all the things I did wrong during the day. I might be an experinced mom but I’m definitely not a perfect mom. I don’t think any of us strive to be perfect–good moms, yes–but not perfect.

Dear Jordi, I want you to know that Terrible Twos or not, I love you with all my heart. You are so stinkin’ cute, determined and smart! You are a joy to us and your brothers adore you. We know it’s hard to be the youngest. Everyone is talking and moving around so quickly and dragging you to where we all have to be. Believe me that everything must stop when you need to eat and take that great little nap! You are important too and we are watching…and yes, listening to you as well. My heart bursts when you smile. I love you, Mami

It’s a new week! Here are your links. Enjoy!

Because sometimes I need to check with the experts.

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World Cup anthem is out! Have you heard it?

Tomorrow is Tax Day!

When was the last time you checked your horoscope?

Have you experieced the Terrible Twos with your child? I’ll take your advice! Have a great week!

Image shot at Jia Boutique by mikifoto by mallika malhotra

Cozy in Coral and Gray this Weekend


Happy Monday! This week’s “Weekend” post looks a little different! My hubby did such a great job at capturing us in our backyard, so I thought I would make this into a Mami Fashion post as well. Two in one!

Did you have a nice Saturday and Sunday? The sun was so bright this whole weekend and all we did was take it slow. So nice to be still for a change. It’s getting darker later and the boys are restless! They ran around, dug through mud, picked up sticks and they even built a fire with us! Please take a look…







Everything was so color coordinated, right? I often catch myself putting the boys in clothes that match my outfit. Does that happen to you?

Here are your weekend links! Enjoy!

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How to Wear White Denim this Spring.

Just finished reading this.

Sunnies sold out, but loving these!
Scarf sold out, take a look at this one!
Sneakers (Nordstrom Rack)
Link bracelet
Stacked rings
Boys’ jackets

P.s. Lashes (still going strong!) Thank you, Lash House!

Images by: Hubby

Celebrating Love this Weekend


Hi! Did you have a nice weekend? We were honored to attend one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever witnessed! Jackie and Cheryl were married yesterday and Hubby and I had a great time. Our table was full of great couples who we truly enjoyed meeting. You know how it can be a little akward when you don’t know too many people at a wedding? Not at Jackie’s! Our dear friend and her partner have fantastic friends and great families. It truly says so much about them!

I realize that the weekend links include celebrity stories because this past week’s news was full of entertainment gossip. Some stories are happy and some are just so sad. We can really get caught up on what others are doing in their marriages and personal lives. Although I’m so guilty of buying the magazines to read the scoop, I must remember that other people’s love life isn’t something we should judge. Pretty much, right? I’ll continue reading Vogue no matter who is on the cover and I really don’t care who Gwyneth will date next. I’m concerned for my family and friends and wish couples like Jackie and Cher a life full of happiness and love.

Here are the links!! Enjoy!

CHURRO Banana Bread!

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Have you seen the new Prince George photo? Adorable.

What about Kimye’s?

Famous quotes illustrated. Very cool.

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I have my eyes on these sandals!

More on “Conscious Uncoupling.”  

Dear Kids, Sometimes I’m a Horrible Mom. Thank you for your honesty and wisdom, Nina. xoxo

The next book for our book club!

Are you the Dove giveaway winner? Please check here!

What have you been up to? Leave me a comment! Have a great week!

PRET*TY for a Cause


I was listening to the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in the car on Wednesday morning (they really boost my mood after the crazy school drop-off), and learned from Carla Marie that there is a jewelry and product line of which 100% of the proceeds go to the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.  I couldn’t wait to get home and take a look at the jewelry, instead, I became so wrapped up in his story.

Before his third birthday, Ty was diagnosed with a rhaboid tumor–a mass at the base of his skull that pressed his brainstem. Ty fought courageously for two years but he died at home in his parents’ arms on October 17, 2012. He was only five.

As a mother of three handsome boys like Ty, his story and his parents love and wisdom filled my heart. When Ty passed away, “…instead of gifts of flowers, his family asked his supporters to celebrate the joys of childhood in his honor. To allow their children to jump in muddy puddles (one of Ty’s greatest aspirations). To give piggyback rides to bed, to play with glitter, to get downright messy and have fun in celebration of Ty’s spirit, because that is how he wanted to live his life… The Muddy Puddles Project was created to celebrate kids being kids in honor of those who can’t.”

PRET*TY was also established to raise money for the foundation. The beautiful and delicate jewelry made me think about how a lot of women love their stylish jewelry and treat it with such care. I bet a piece or product from PRET*TY will be even more valuable to many.

Please take a moment to follow this group on Facebook by clicking HERE and when you are in the mood for pretty gold, silver or pearls, consider shopping HERE.  It feels good to shop…but even better to shop for a cause. 

Back Home this Weekend


Hello everyone! We are back from a wonderful two week Spring Break trip from coast-to-coast with a nice stop in the Windy City (bitter cold, actually). Our hearts were warm though– we had a chance to spend a lot of time with our families and a four-day trip to San Francisco for just the Hubby and I. It was all refreshing, fun and very much needed.

We came home with a Spring-cleaning itch and have collected a few bags to donate to charities. The boys’ closets are once again in order, the refrigerator is sparkling clean with lots of food to start fresh (I don’t want to tell you how many tortillas and deep-dish pizza slices we all had–so worth it!), and my makeup bag and bathroom cabinets all cleaned out!

I have your links ready to go too. Please take a look!

I was over at Momagama suggesting 5 things you should do for YOU this spring.

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Short video: 67 years of marriage in photos. Beautiful.

NJ friends: Learn how to choose a camp for your child event.

On my nightstand.

The picture above are Magna-Tiles. BEST. TOY. EVER. And worth every dime. My boys have had for a long time and Jordi started building (!) with them when he was 18 months old! I’ll Instagram one of his creations soon. Diego, at 7, still enjoys them very much.

What have you been up to? Please share! Have a great week!