Spring Essentials by Cheers! Cristalia

Even though I haven’t had a terrible winter, there has been way too much snow for my taste. I am done with it and ready for the weather to start warming up. So I decided to create a Spring essentials list with fashion and beauty trends and tips to get you ready for Spring:

  • Florals in fabrics & beauty.
  • Taupe color shoes.
  • Coral and orange lips.
  • Sexy Cat-eye sunglasses
  • Pastels in fabrics and beauty.


Dress :: Sandal :: Sunglasses :: Blazer :: Lipstick :: Eye Palette :: Flower Manicure Set

Tell me, are you ready for Spring? What trends are are ready to wear?

Love & cheers! Cristalia


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Olympic Weekend

Valentine's Day Party Printables

I’m not going to lie to you…it’s been a rough couple of weeks. It has been hard to get out of this funk. I’m sure the weather has a lot to do with it, plus the boys have been home (a lot!) and keeping me extra busy, and I just can’t seem to catch a break. I’m also sure this is a bad case of cabin fever. Hours go by without me speaking to another adult. I speak to strangers on the parking lot at Target to justify why I’m out on the black ice pushing 2 little boys in a cart! We just have to get out!!

While stuck inside, we have been watching the Olympics but the athlete’s stories make me cry! I’m an emotional wreck. Although it’s been fun and the boys get a lot of lessons on perseverance and determination by just watching! It’s also cute to see them make skis out of cardboard tissue boxes and their light sabers become the poles.

Hubby and I did enjoy excellent company this weekend and we laughed so much…always the best remedy to beat the winter blues. That and a lot of red wine!

Here are your weekend links!

Once again, we are thrilled to remind Diego about this!

Latino athletes in Sochi.

Brought this book out this weekend!

I’m obsessed with Lena Dunham and of course, had to read this.

This game is helping my Spanish class.

A gorgeous recap of NY Fashion Week Day 3.

Clean, white and pretty.

So bored with my recipes! These might help.

This is kinda motivating! Just pick one.

How are you beating the winter blues? Please share! Have a great week!

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2014: Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse 2014
Chinese New Year is this Friday, January 31! After having lived in Singapore, I appreciate the celebration a lot more. The whole country, whether one was Chinese or not, took part in the colorful festivities to bring in the new year. Festivals and food galore! Also, children receive red envelopes full of lucky money!
So what does it mean if you were born in the year of the horse (like me!)? We are cheerful people, skillful with our money, perceptive, witty and talented. hee hee.
Wear red on Friday to drive away bad luck! LOVING the clutch!!!!!

Button Shirt
Eye shadow palette

Jammin’ Weekend


Hi! How was your weekend? It was a weekend full of music for us! On Saturday, Hubby and I had a chance to spend time with some of the first grade parents (a social bunch!) and today we took the boys to listen to and meet Jungle Gym Jam!

It was the best of both worlds really-a bar/restaurant and kid-friendly music. I love watching my kids shake their bottoms while devouring their lunch. So cute! While there, we met with our dear friends #TeamJjJ! They are the best. I love families with a #! jajaja!

At this moment, I bet a lot of you are watching the Grammy’s too! Award season is so great. I am guessing that Taylor Swift will be voted best dressed tonight and I hope you didn’t miss Beyonce and Jay-Z!

Here are your weekend links!

What happens to your body after just one workout.

The questions that will save all of your relationships (Thank you, Vane!!)

As I wait for the Caldecott Medal winner today…8 picture books that make us wish were kids again.

National flags created by each country’s traditional foods. Yum!

Have you entered the latest giveaway? Please do!

Loving these shoes.

A 3 language app for your kiddies!

Have a great week!

Reading this Weekend


I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend started off with an afternoon coffee (and milk!) with one of my favorite little guys. That night, I met a good friend for delicious steak and great conversation. But, on Saturday, I couldn’t get out of bed! You know mommies are not allowed to get sick and my poor boys were quite taken aback by me laying in bed all day! My poor boys tried to quickly nurse me back to health by bringing me soup and guacamole to bed. So sweet.

Today was spent in Brooklyn to celebrate a very special 5th birthday (we love you, Mateux!). We all had a great time going back and forth between football and everything Star Wars! My throat is killing me and I swear tequila is the best remedy, but, HOW MANY CAN I TAKE?? jajaja! No worries! I only took one on Saturday night and another today. ;-)

Of course, I read while in bed! Here are your weekend links…

Guiliana Rancic mocks Sofia Vergara’s accent. Why it is NOT okay.

Are you the fun parent? A little on how I feel I’m always playing defense.

Everyone has taken this quiz! Which means, if you haven’t, please take it! ha!

Already hooked on our next book club pick.

And THIS looks so good for the kiddies.

Can Anyone Stop Hillary?

The problem with teenagers is their parents. Ouch.

A website full of ideas for a healthier you.

Go ahead, take that selfie.

How to make a delicious green smoothie (I always need a reminder).

Have a great week!

A Weekend to Focus


Hi! I hope you had a good weekend! Sorry to say, but weekends in January are not the best. Every year, I feel this slump. Despite living most of my life in Chicago, I can’t handle the weather.It’s such a downer and all everyone wants is something to motivate and inspire. Sunny 73 degree weather could do just that. For many of us, it isn’t going to happen any time soon, but stay focused on your goals and resolutions anyway!

Continue to work hard at whatever you set yourself up to succeed this year. I’m your biggest cheerleader! I know we can do it!

On a side note: I’m watching the Golden Globes right now (typing during commercial breaks) and really hoped for Sofia Vergara to win. Boooo! Maybe next year? She is spectacular, isn’t she??

Here are some fun and inspiring links for you to help kick off your week! Enjoy!

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Back in the classroom!

Ana Flores has a personal blog!

Fab finds: How to wear the color of the year

Want to find your true age? Take this fun quiz! I’m acting my age!

How to make the most of  your weekends 

Love this commercial

What are you focused on right now? I’m working on new fitness goals as well as getting more sleep. I really want to be in bed by 10pm. Both of these will not be easy, but I’m focused!

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Frosty Weekend


I hope you had a great weekend! Our dear friends, who we met in Japan about eight years ago, came to visit! They now live in London and are on their way back tonight. Their adorable little guy and Diego just picked up where they left off two years ago and they played and played. It was so nice to just relax on this super cold weekend. Carla and I did get a chance to enjoy a girls’ night out on Saturday and even did a little shopping today!

Hubby was home for the majority of the holidays and we all enjoyed our first vacation at home. We enjoyed spending time with friends and visiting New York City (3 times!). If you live in New Jersey or NYC, have you visited the Liberty Science Center? It was a hit for all of my boys! We also went to the movies for the first time as a family and we all made it through Frozen!

Nevertheless, it is back to the routine for us and for so many people today. My boys will return to work and school and busy life continues. I’m so sorry to hear that Chicago is dealing with extremely cold temperatures. If you get to stay home today, I hope everyone gets to enjoy a cozy and safe Monday.

Here are your weekend links! Enjoy!

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A mom and her son blow bubbles in the freezing cold!

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10 places taking center stage in 2014

Have you entered our giveaway?

Bilingual game night ideas!

2014 food trends

My next read.

What to do with all those holiday cards? Idea here and here!

image by: mikifoto by mallika malhotra



I hope this image taken by my hubby didn’t misguide you to think this would be a health post. I definitely had every intention to use it as such! The morning of our photo shoot/workout at the park turned out to be a complete different experience that our family enjoyed so much. It gave Jose and I yet a different outlook as parents, and I’m taking that memory with me into 2014.

For many, a healthy lifestyle tops this new year’s resolution list. For others, a job promotion, travel and finding love are main goals for the year. Some people may just like to repeat last year’s resolutions with the hope of really following through this time. I like to think that the beginning of January is always a time to reflect and to think about how we would like our lives to change for the better (or just tweak it a bit). I like setting new goals for myself every single year.

Those who know me, know that I am not complacent or still. Ever. I like to try new things and live new experiences. I’m proud to say that I have done so much in my life that when I look back at old photographs or talk about a distant memory, it feels like I lived several different lives already. Therefore, watching other people experience something great in their personal lives inspires me and truly makes me happy.

A friend of mine is vacationing with her family and extended family in the Dominican Republic and she posted on Facebook something that stuck with me these past few days. She wrote, “As I get older, I realize life is about experiences and not about what one owns.” Her pictures show beautiful sunsets, clear water, her handsome boys, hugs with her sister, mother and husband. I know she is living a beautiful life because I know she sets out to do so. I bet she lives every single day with a purpose. She exudes happiness but most importantly, gratitude. We can all see it and it’s moving.

As we reflect on the most goal-setting day of the year,  let’s think of the experiences we will create for ourselves and our loved ones. My kids will remember few very special toys for the rest of their lives, but I hope that they will always remember what we did together and how we made special occasions exactly that…simply special.

What experiences do you hope to build for your family this year? Please share!

Last Weekend of 2013

best of 2013 cover

Hi! I hope you had a relaxing weekend! I have reviewed every single post of this year to see what MFBS was up to in the last twelve months. The second year for the blog went very well! Who said 2013 would be unlucky? Not me! My first post of 2013 still carries the message I personally want to live by. Please make sure to read that again because it is still so good for everyone. I will vow to continue to work hard, take care of myself, my family, and simply be appreciative and happy.

For 2013, I had my heart set on continuing this blog and freelancing for others. It happened! I have now been with Mommy Maestra and Momagama for a year and have recently added work to SpanglishBaby, Latinas 4 Latino Lit, Mamás Latinas and Latinamom.me!! It’s been a great year.

Here’s the BEST of My Friend Betty Says! Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you so much, dear readers.

Best one we might have forgotten:

Following advice we give to children

What took MFBS around:

The infographic that inspired it all

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Biggest giveaway:

Everyone loves gift cards! Over 600 entries!

Most liked on Facebook:

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Best Parenting Story:

When you all reassured me I was not sooo awful. 

Most commented post (and it wasn’t a giveaway! jajaja!):

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Best parties:

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Best Casa post:

Frame of Mind (I loved it too!)

My Favorite:

Embracing Ourselves

Your Cheers Cristalia! favorite:

Because we love our little fashionistas 

And new stuff from around the internet to inspire a great start for 2014!

10 Things to Do with Kids for New Year’s Eve

7 Places to buy inexpensive workout clothes. 

Cute clothes but what if you only have 10 minutes to work out?

7 ways to control your (yikes!) anxiety.

I would love to know what has been your favorite on MFBS ;-)

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!!!! Much love to you all!!!


New Year, New Look!


Surprise!! A new look right on time for the new year! As I sit here and reflect on the amazing (but VERY busy) year I have had, I am truly grateful. My work is starting to pick up at an incredible speed! Just as I started to catch my breath, I received this early Christmas gift from my bff, Vanessa, a few weeks ago and I knew if there was a book to describe me…this would be it! And it depicts perfectly the path I will be taking My Friend Betty Says in 2014.

Moms have to be smart, flexible, balanced, healthy, and of course…stylish. Why not? I see Celine rocking the same dress as Selena Gomez and think, why only the super-star moms? I want my blog to continue to inspire women to feel and look their best while providing great resources for their families. Whether I recommend books, articles, hostess gifts, boutiques, makeup or jewelry, know that I have every intention to share what I love, and what works for me and my family.

Thank you dear readers (regular and new!) for taking this journey with me. I’m having so much fun and I hope wherever your path leads you in 2014, you continue to do it with happiness as well. Here’s to all the super-star moms out there! P.s I’ve got another rock star look for you tomorrow…stay tuned!!!

Thank you Mallika from mikifoto for the image and Emily over at Designer Blogs for all your work.