Bright Weekend

April 6, 2015


I hope you had a great weekend! We had a lovely Easter and as you can see above, la conejita was very sweet to our boys. There were lots of books, art supplies and candy in their baskets! Diego did get a special video game in his this year (lucky boy!) which was clearly a sign to me that he is growing up so fast. What about Hubby and I? The bunny only brought bubbly! Too much bubbly. But we are not complaining!


People went nuts over these books I shared on Instagram and on Facebook last week! They are Lil’Libros and you can purchase HERE or HERE. We already had Loteria and Jordi and Santi love it! Keep an eye out because they have new titles printing soon!


After mass, we all changed our clothes and headed to see our compadres in Brooklyn for some fun and more treats. BFF always goes above and beyond with her décor and scrumptious food! Just like with all holidays, I’m sure the kids ate more candy than food!


Here are some of my favorite links of the past week! Enjoy!

Have you tried the new Go Fresh Revitalize Dove wash? The product was sent to me a few weeks ago (thank you, Dove!) and Hubby and I are loving it. They were also so sweet to send fresh spring goodies.

Today is the first day of my teacher friends’ Kickstart fund raiser! If you can, please donate and help personalized special needs books for children get off to a great start!

Omaiga. For next year…these eggs!

Why Homework vs. No Homework is the Wrong Question

Hurray for Stanford!

Are you investing in experiences?

20 Career Tips from Female Entrepreneurs

What a pretty romper!

Have a great week!

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