Books: Big Little Lies

October 30, 2014


Hi there! I met with my book club earlier this week (our hostess had creepy Halloween candy for us!) and I asked my bookworm amigas to share a sentence or two for MFBS readers!

My quick summary: The three Australian women in Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies might remind you of people you know in your town. A carefully plotted book about school gossip, strained family dynamics, new friendships and character’s private struggles. it is light and funny but quickly turns to serious matters that affect us all…all over the world.

Here’s what the ladies had to say…

PV said: “For me, the book was less about the murder mystery and more about the relationships in our lives. Friendships, mother-daughter relationships, exes…they were all so relatable.”

MZ said: “I kept waiting for the backstabbing to happen between the three main characters but I was surprised! I loved the story about friendship and the character development. It was honorable. It showed me that new friendships can be really strong.”

MM said: “It was so relatable and funny! So realistic.”

DP said: “It was a fun read! It kept me going. It was about real relationships, jealousy, admiration…”

Of course, we said so much more! Grab this book with your girls and be ready to talk all night long. We surely did over creepy chocolates and wine!

Let me know if you have read Big Little Lies or plan on picking it up! Enjoy!

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