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Blogging for Your Business: 5 Tips

June 29, 2016


There are many reasons why you should be blogging for your business. I know it can be difficult to come up with different ideas and to simply get started. But it’s important. Blogging for your business gently reminds your potential clients and customers that you can help meet their needs. It’s also free marketing! You just have to invest a few hours a week to produce a couple of blog posts. Show everyone what you can provide through your writing while helping out your website’s traffic, building trust and humanizing your brand.

Here are 5 Tips to get you writing NOW.

1) Create a list of topics for content  You shouldn’t only write about your products and services. You can  attract your potential and current clients to your site through creative ways. Educate them by providing different topics related to your industry, write about your experiences (did you attend a conference or a business trip that enlightened you?), show them what’s trending and what’s hot. What is everyone talking about it in  your field? Let us know!

2) Keep a list of FAQs What are some questions you receive about your products or services? Answer as many as you can in several different blog posts. You can continue to share this information via email and social media for months and years to come.

3) Create and stick to a writing schedule Aim to publish a blog post on your website at least once a week. Set aside an hour a week for each blog post you wish to create. It doesn’t have to be perfect…yet! Just go and write, write, write! If  the post is more than 300 words, see if you can break up the piece into two blog posts. Go back LATER and invest another 20-30 minutes to edit and publish.

4) Find inspiration everywhere Have your smart phone camera ready. Events you attend or natural beauty you encounter can result in photographs that create writing inspiration. A plus? You can use that image for your blog post. Sometimes images speak louder than words.

5) Read other business blogs Whether you read competitors’ blogs or websites, look for their latest posts and take a look around. You’ll see the type of content the biggest brands are creating and you should also see what successful local business owners are writing about as well. “It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.” Don’t assume you have all the answers. You’ll be surprised how your competitors can inspire you.

Let me know if you need additional help in creating content. You can always reach me with blogging questions at Good luck!

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