Blessed Weekend

May 4, 2015


Diego received his First Communion yesterday! He is loved by so many and Hubby and I are so grateful. We had friends and family visit us from Chicago for a few days so we snuck in a quick trip into NYC for a delicious meal, took them to Diego’s baseball game and enjoyed two meals prepared on the grill (finally!). We are also super thankful for our NJ/NY family who made it to his 9am mass after a late “fight night,” after hours stuck in traffic, and even after a red-eye flight! Diego is loved. We have fantastic friends. Thank you, guys. You are truly the best.

My in-laws are still here so I have to keep it short! Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic week and share some super cool links! Enjoy!

Found this beautiful seamed flare dress for Diego’s First Communion.

Paired the dress up with these lovely nude sandals

…and the necklace! Super simple.

“NY feels like it’s all about ‘making it,’ while L.A feels like it’s all about making things.”

6 New York moms

May 2015 events in the city.


Have a great week!

image: Unsplash

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