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Bilingual Myths

May 24, 2012

I love this and I came across it on Pinterest today. I also discovered this great blog, Multilingual Living.

I’m happy to report that Diego is getting along really well with my parents in Spanish! When my mom arrived three weeks ago, his Spanish was a little rusty but just this week, as my dad arrived, he has really flourished! He still makes mistakes, no one laughs or teases, we correct him subtlety, and move on. He is quite confident and when he doesn’t know how to say something he asks. Perfect!

Santi is only about to turn 18 months but understands everything in Spanish and English and has more than twenty words in his vocabulary (ardilla, baseball, gracias, and agua to name a few)!

So there are myths about raising bilingual children, but really no need to fear. The one I hear a lot from concerned parents is Myth #1 shown above. I haven’t had a problem with the boys taking their time to speak…actually we welcome a bit of silence around here! Jajaja! We are a chatty family and love when my parents tease us about how much everyone talks and often at the same time!

We will continue to work on practicing a lot of Spanish after my parents leave with our little tricks and efforts. How’s it going at your house? Would love to hear some more tips! Hasta la proxima.

Your friend,


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  • Reply Sleeping Mom @ Sleeping Should Be Easy May 24, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    This is great! I admit that I fell for the first myth when my toddler was speech delayed. In hindsight I doubt it had anything to do with knowing another language but more his own development. Right now my 2yo speaks fluent English and Tagalog, and he knows Spanish words but doesn’t have the grammar down. For instance, he’ll substitute hands for, “Wash my manos!” instead of “Llavar las manos!” But he will say the whole sentence in Tagalog.

    So glad that you guys are encouraging a second language! There’s more to it than simply knowing another language; I think they really grow up with stronger ties to their roots and an appreciation for other cultures.

  • Reply Jamie May 24, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Loving your blogs Betty! I have a different situaton with my second born, but supposedly a part of it is because growing up in a home that is bilingual. He is so talkative at home and when he is around family. But once he’s in school he is Mute! The teacher told us that he has Selective Mutisim. At first I freaked , I cried and thought if it was my fault..if I might have done something wrong when I was pregnant..Even the whole growing up in a bilingual home got to me.. As much that we try to instill learning spanish and english it kinda frightened me. Still to this day I just hope and pray that my son will over come his shyness in school. Sorry maybe a little off from the whole Myth topic… But in a way maybe not right???!!! Take care…

    • Betty
      Reply Betty May 24, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      Sleeping Mom: I agree that a second language will give my boys a better understanding of our culture and most importantly an appreciation for other cultures. So happy that you are encouraging 3 languages!!!

      Hi Jamie: Welcome! One thing at a time, I say! Working with your child on overcoming his shyness must be a priority for you I bet. The second language can come later…why not? Sometimes we have bigger issues to deal with and I’m sure you are battling it hard! Good luck!

  • Reply Caro May 31, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    I have a tutor come to my house 3 days a week and speak strictly Spanish to my children… Her name is GRANDMA!!! I can tolerate the occasional donut run to DD behind my back, but I will not let her speak English to them. 😉

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