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Baby’s First Room

May 3, 2012

Sigh. Diego’s first nursery. This was Diego’s first baby room and it was in Tokyo. We were fortunate enough to find an apartment in Moto-Azabu that we could afford, that was spacious and had a second bedroom. He even had a little balcony (that we NEVER opened!). I pretty much let Jose decide what type of theme he wanted and of course he said baseball. I think he was feeling a little nostalgic, missed home and it helped that the Japanese absolutely love this all-American sport!

Diego’s reading corner. No matter how small of a bedroom or the fact that Diego and Santi had to share a bedroom in New York and here in New Jersey, we always make room for a reading corner. Diego still has this pillow from Pottery Barn Kids.

Baseball=The Cubs and it doesn’t matter where we live! We say we like the Yankees but we LOVE the Cubs. We still have the growth chart you see on the wall and my mom sent us the letters to spell out Diego’s name. Now I don’t mind that I wasn’t allowed to paint the walls in our Tokyo apartment because I probably would have, but now I love the white floors and white walls…so clean and crisp for a baby’s nursery.

Diego at 6 months! My brother sent Diego the Cubs mobile from Chicago without even knowing about the theme for his nursery! Just perfect!

Both Diego and Santi have slept in a crib in our room for the first several months. Santi then moved in with Diego and we don’t know what we’ll do with Baby #3 when he is ready to move out! I hope to have a chance to create another nursery one day. If not…big boys need neat rooms too!

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  • Reply Nancy May 15, 2012 at 12:38 am

    Too cute,,, baby’s nursery is in our room, we have no choose for now, Meli and Kiki share the second room in our house I don’t know what are we gonna do when Frankie is ready to move out. πŸ™

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