Average Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

February 8, 2012

I read things weeks after they have been published. Sometimes years! But, I’m still going to pass it on in case you missed it. The New York Times published this opinion piece a couple of weeks ago and the title caught my eye instantly. “Average is Over”. You can’t be average anymore to keep up in this country. If you want to eat well, live in a nice neighborhood, you have to earn a good salary. Jobs are dwindling and if you lose your job to China, then what? It’s all about education. It always will be. How can we assure that our children are getting the best education possible? It certainly isn’t happening in Ohio right now! A school district in Garfield Heights, Ohio is ending the school day at 1:15 and if your child qualifies for free lunch, they’ll send him home with a sandwich! How sad is that? Budget cuts! How can we get ahead if states and federal government can’t spend money on our children? Thoughts? I’m sad for the children that have no say.

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