A Weekend to Focus

January 13, 2014


Hi! I hope you had a good weekend! Sorry to say, but weekends in January are not the best. Every year, I feel this slump. Despite living most of my life in Chicago, I can’t handle the weather.It’s such a downer and all everyone wants is something to motivate and inspire. Sunny 73 degree weather could do just that. For many of us, it isn’t going to happen any time soon, but stay focused on your goals and resolutions anyway!

Continue to work hard at whatever you set yourself up to succeed this year. I’m your biggest cheerleader! I know we can do it!

On a side note: I’m watching the Golden Globes right now (typing during commercial breaks) and really hoped for Sofia Vergara to win. Boooo! Maybe next year? She is spectacular, isn’t she??

Here are some fun and inspiring links for you to help kick off your week! Enjoy!

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Love this commercial

What are you focused on right now? I’m working on new fitness goals as well as getting more sleep. I really want to be in bed by 10pm. Both of these will not be easy, but I’m focused!

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  • Reply Maria January 13, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    I know just how you feel when it comes to what I call “the winter blues.” As a native New Yorker, I should really be used to it, in fact, I should be embracing it by participating in winter activities (ice skating, skiing, snow boarding, etc.) many of which are readily available here in the Poconos where I now live. However, that has never been the case. My caribbean blood calls out for palm trees, beaches and sunny mornings! I have come to embrace the “hibernation” aspect of winter in the Northeast, in that I know I can expect to be holed up at home more often, so I plan accordingly, in an attempt to forget what’s going on outside. I read like crazy, I watch movies on Amazon and I go to movies and watch something current and outside of my usual preference. I also try to cook up those recipes that require the use of the oven, I bake, roast, and broil – in addition to eating well, I warm up the house while I’m at it! In other words, I try really hard to distract myself, until the warmer weather roles around and I can get out and soak up some sun and engage in outdoor activities.

    • Betty
      Reply Betty January 16, 2014 at 6:35 pm

      These are all great ideas, Maria. I love how you keep your home nice and cozy for the winter!!! xoxo

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